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  1. Technically New Nations 5
    It is January 1919. World War I ended two months ago, and the world's countries are in shambles. Gone are the Empires and the prospering Great Powers that have dominated the world for nearly 500 years. It is time for civilisation to take a step back, view the destruction it has created, and to start anew. From the ashes of economic troubles, revolutions, a destructive global war, and the end of the world's biggest empires, rises a world of new nations. Will they create a world of peace, equality and union - or a world of calamity, death and mass destruction?

    • No flame wars.
    • War is TURN-BASED. Any violations of this 'turn-based' war system will result in your country being wiped off the map. For clarification, you cannot initiate another attack until the person has acknowledged your attack and/or retaliated to it.
    • Research takes time. You cannot complete the building of, say, a hydrogen bomb in a single post - small projects can take a minimum of three posts, medium-sized can take a minimum of 6, large can take a minimum of 9, and extra large (the hydrogen bomb would fall under this category) projects can take a minimum of 12.
    • Nations are restricted to FIVE COUNTRIES. You can expand them by another four after you begin your game - however, they must already be a satellite state of yours, or you have taken time to 'integrate' them. Nations are also limited to four satellite states at once - unions can have as many as they want.
    • One page = One in-game year.
    • Absolutely ridiculous things, such as building a massive alien mothership, are not allowed.
    • Have a suggestion for a new rule? Suggest it to me!
    Application form:
    Nation Name - Kingdom of New Kalmar (New Kalmar for short)
    Participating Countries: The United Kingdom (includes Ireland at this time), Norway, and Sweden.
    National Languages: English, with Welsh, Cornish, Irish, Swedish and Norwegian classed as recognised languages.
    Government Policies: HM's Government, wish to become a major force for scientific and social innovation, and an economic power in the world.
    Trade - Free Trade
    Economy - Planned Economy
    Military - Pro Military
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  2. Nation Name - The Royal Empire of Ashua (either REA, RE of Ashua or Ashua for short)
    Participating Countries: China, Russia, Mongolia, Kazahkstan & Both Koreas
    National Languages: English, with local languages being phassed out
    Government Policies: Focus on military, science and innovation. A Royal Monarchy united.
    Trade: Open trade with other nations
    Economy: Structured and controlled to aid growth and prevent distruption
    Military: Extremely Pro Military
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  3. New Kalmar's newly-elected first Prime Minister has given a speech this morning, focusing on his plan for the nation in the coming years.

    In order to bolster military strength, due to the great war that just ended and threat of it still being fresh within Kalmarian minds, the New Kalmar government have begun research on a tank they call the Little One. It will have a 2-pounder gun as its main armament, and machine guns as its second, and will be able to travel at 6MPH. It will take 2 posts to research, and three to construct.
    OOC: Based on Little Willie :cool: (the name makes me giggle shut up).

    The New Kalmarian government will continue work on the researching of blood transfusions, recognising them as an important development in medicines that need to be further perfected.

    The Ministry of Aeronautics has also been founded. They will be committed to the developing of aircraft for the Kalmar Army and for future civilian uses.

    On a global scale, he has announced New Kalmar will be taking steps to set up a 'European Commonwealth' by 1920. This will be a militaristic, trading, economic, and cultural union, focused on creating a common cultural identity throughout the destroyed Europe, and to prevent the horrors of the Great War from occurring again - as well as to get the continent back on its feet.
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  4. Nation Name - Republic of Australasia
    Participating Countries: Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, New Zealand
    National Languages: English, with local dialects used frequently.
    Government Policies: Communist State. High levels of investment in military and state managed innovation.
    Trade - Highly regulated
    Economy - State controlled
    Military - Pro Military
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  5. Nation- blockhead of northern south america
    Countries: venezuela, cuba, panama, colombia, brasil
    Language spanish
    Goverment-martial law
    Strong, military and industry, also is self dufficuent for food so no importung thst, and in Colombia there is a huge port ti comunicate eith cuba
    Business Capital= Caracas (Venezuela)
    Government city(all ministry building and that stuff): Medellin(Colombia)
    Pro military
    Barter economy
    Free trade
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  6. New Kalmar has requested the construction of an embassy in the capital of your countries.
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  7. Australasia has accepted your offer and requests to construct and embassy in the capital of New Kalmar.
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  8. New Kalmar accepts.

    With the completion of the construction of Little One tanks, they are now going to be used within the New Kalmar army until a better tank design can be constructed. The army has also been mass-equipped with Thompson machine guns due to their accuracy and high rate of fire.

    The country has also now deployed troops into the Suez canal to make sure trade can function as normal, due to high tensions and civil unrest within Egypt.
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  9. Blockhead accepts your request.

    In other news, the nation has started the military of art of nuclear weapons, this would take about 2 years
  10. Ah, I hope this will be one that has a good run again, instead of stranding one or two pages in...
    Anyway, these have always interested me, but I always feel like I'm too ignorant on the subject of military, politics and economy to be able to play reasonably.
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  11. Renamed Ashua to Uberza...

    The Uberzan people celebrate National Military Recognition Day.

    Uberza has begun work on the Zezun War Tech. This includes the Z1 Tank, Z1 Fighter Plane, Z1 Bomber Plane and the Z1 Warship. This will take approximately 6 posts

    Uberza accepts under the conditions that we can do the same to your capitals and reserve the right to remove the embassies in times of war (hopefully this may never happen).
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  12. New Kalmar accepts.

    The Kalmarian government has also announced the opening of a Kalmar Air Force, who will collaborate with the Ministry of Aeronautics. They have currently inherited the rudimentary - but still fairly powerful - British Air Force that existed towards the end of the Great War.
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  13. A large gold deposit has been found within blockhead territory. We are preparing for exploting it. We would start it in 2 turns.
    We have organized a minetry of health to start developtment of biological weapons.

    Protest have been happening in the nation's capital. Their need is so the govt is more concerned about environment and city planifications. This has made us realize that we needed more entities. We have opened the environment-thinking comitee and a city planning minestry. Its purpose eould be to create parks, and put all electrical/phone wires undergroundd so cities have less visual contamination.
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  14. Lets get this active again! Wooo...
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  15. I'm not sure, out of all the attempts, only the older ones seemed to be successful... we just don't have enough people for this kind of stuff around anymore, unfortunately.
  16. Yeah! WOOOOOOooooo...

    New Kalmar nukes Uberza. /jk
  17. I guess I have nothing to lose.
    Nation Name - Confederation of Mediterranean States
    Participating Countries: Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Algeria, and Libya
    National Languages: Latin as primary, with Arabic and French as secondary lenaguages
    Government Policies: Largely neutral in foreign affairs, seeking to be the trade and cultural center of the world
    Trade - Free Trade
    Economy - Free market economy with minor restriction, based largely on trade and tourism
    Military - Nearly no army, tiny air force, but with a very strong navy
    Firstly, sick of the war that cost so many lives from the CMS, the government has signed into law the Peaceful Seas Act, which prohibits the declaration of war under any circumstances for the next twenty years.
    New ports are being built with the anticipation of more advanced cargo ships in the near future. (5 turns)
    Embassies are offered in the capital for all nations not at war.
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  18. National News: The supreme leader has been concerned that he has to much power so he will diving his power into 3, now he will make decisions like this:
    • If he completely agrees: then make it the law!
    • Only he can Propose laws
    • If he is on doubt, he will toss a coin 3 times, if it lands 2 times(not consecutively necessarily) on same side it will make it a law
    • If he is for sure negated, he will disregard it.
    Our scientist have found a problem making the nuclear reactor for the bomb, this would make us have to spent all of our uranium, and search more. This has caused the nuclear project to delay 7 more turns. Scientist have also gathered one night to see the movie Dark Night Rises, and think that they can successfully create that power reactor(that could give electricity to a compound of cities, when they have the nuclear bomb. They aren't planning doing that yet, as is impossible. They also have petitioned the supreme leader to implement the concept of vacation into the country, this would make them work more efficiently on the long term. He will think about it...

    The supreme leader's adviser have been concerned that 50% of the citizens are illiterate. He quickly reacted by:
    • reducing the money that goes to military
    • Making sure that the gold deposit is already been mined and that the first 20 tons of gold would be saved for the Education of Ministry that he is creating
      • Its purpose would be to create a cheap and effective schools, high schools, universities
    Monetary system: Government is planning on making a standard trade...

    International News!
    Blockhead of Northern South America would like to propose to the other nations to make a treaty for peace that would last 10 years, and also to create an inter-national trade entity, which would be democratic on its president(which would make the requisites/rules of a minimum trade), also this entity would act as a World Bank, if possible, with collaboration of individual owners, individual donors,or donations from nations.

    EDIT: For the treaty in blue, ALL nations quoted have to agree, any new nations that for after this post, will not have a vote in agreeing or disagreeing to this, as they won't automatically join... If they want to join, they just say so and will be invited)

    Edit 2:
    I accept your offer, the embassy capital would be the business capital: Caracas
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  19. I love games like this! Strategy is my game and peace is my name!

    Nation Name: The Kingdom of Avabruck
    Participating Countries: Canada, America, Japan
    National Language: English, Japanese
    Government Policies: Looking to bring peace to the world and making huge scientific advances.
    Trade: International trade.
    Economy: Mixed Economy (Market and Command Economies)
    Military: Air based military, but mainly pacifist unless threatened.

    As my first order of business I request and Embassy to all current world leaders. Will you accept?
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  20. I accept! your embassy (will be at Caracas)
    Does you include Puerto Rico in your nation?(had to ask... )

    Proposal of: Maritime Life protection!

    In our past, we have being slaying whales, using islands as labs, using water without future concern, I propose an Act which will make it obligatory for a government to view the ecological position in their actions with our planet. Devastation has occurred, but we need to make peace with ourselves an EARTH she is also tired of humanity since we started, as the only thing we do is WAR, NOW WILL YOU(the other nations) Join me on this battle against our human instinct(war)
    (atleast prevent future war that will damage EARTH

    On the National News of Blockhead: Our leader had created a ministry of nature which will establish national parks. Out president has acknowledge Theodore Roosevelt push to do this on their state, so we will do in ours

    We will create Amazon national forest