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Who would want to see Artic wolves to?

Yes 20 vote(s) 90.9%
No 2 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. I know we have nether hounds but id love to see Artic wolves. Was thinking if they made them give them the ability of placing snow like a snow golem does when they move around. And do maybe half stamina and half health damage or have a chance of effecting you with slow
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  2. +1

    I actually like this idea, my question is, are they going to be year-round mobs or seasonal like the Blizz Ard?
  3. Great suggestion. It would only spawn in the snow biomes I assume. +1
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  4. Nice suggestion.
    Id love to see this added, and maybe some skiers ( wolfs with skeletons on them ) and they might drop diamonds, tokens, and maybe a "Wolf Tooth" ( enchanted bone ).
  5. 1+ Love it! :D
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  6. The snow biomes of course.
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  7. the lore would be"the strength of a pack" & would give you hunger 2(for 10 secs) and strength 3 for 4 secs,

    also, use this:
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  8. a+
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  9. +1 Nice suggestion.
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  10. This must be this year's christmas mob.
  11. +1 Love this suggestion!
  12. Maybe...
  13. Could be. But why not just make them like nether hounds and only appear in the tundra, ice biomes?
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