New lobby "draft" (I want opinions)

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  1. So it came to my attention a while back that my shop lobby is kinda inferior due to it having one tp per floor. That might sound good until you realize that my shop is four towers meaning if there are 6 floors there are 24 needed tps. I only have 6, and require people to walk around meaning they are exposed to less chests and likely won't come across what they may be looking for. So I am working on expanding the lobby to fit a bunch of teleport gates so that people can find what they need faster and easier. Here is my draft, built on a CSP world ;

    Note ; Will eventually include ceiling :p

    I wanted to know how the lobby looked to you, if you think you could find the floor you're looking for from a fair-ish distance from the gate itself, etc. Also I think optifine makes signs blank from a distance... oops.

    Constructive criticism appreciated
  2. looks nice
  3. could I ask you in what stile all other floors / things are made? that makeis way easyer to see what I'd do :)

    But, If I see this here, I'd say to use less cobblestone, and make everything a bit more calm (check 966 / 4212 if you want to know how I built a meggamall lobby)n I do also think you're using way to much different colours, dark oak, cobblestone, light blue stained glass, netherbricks, glowstone, stone slabs and stone bricks. (not taking the wool) what I would do is make the floor out of sandstone (with maby a little bit other things, but stay in that kind of colour) amd make the back the teleports, so you don't habe a wall AND teleports in fron of it. (I know I have got loads of critic, but you were asking for feedback) I would also make it a a little interestong shape, it's just a square at the moment, taking some teleports closer to the middle might do alot. one more thing, I don't like the fact that there is that little wall around it, I'd OR make it bigger, and futher away from the teleports, OR destroy it :) (you can also make it out of glass, but is has to be higher than :) )
  4. I don't mind criticism as long as you aren't going out of your way to bash me, so thanks for the input :)

    I tried to read with the spelling mistakes, the nether bricks won't be there (interesting you noticed o.0 ) The only issue is that the lobby in it's current position is under the towers, underground. I can dig down like 10 extra layers (which will take some time for sure)

    I chose a square shape because I figured it would be the easiest way to fit all 24 teleports in.

    If I had to choose a block to remove otherwise it would be the dark oak probably. My shop is all stone based (The patterns are cobblestone, stone, stone bricks, stone slabs and glowstone lighting) So keeping the lobby all stone (the current one is) would be cool, but I personally kind of like those stained glass patterns so I'm likely gonna keep those, maybe swap the color to blend in with the glowstone lighting.

    Thank you for the tips, I'll try a different model that will move the tp gates and make the lobby a slightly different shape, and use different blocks. I prefer stone since I have cobble and coal in major abundance, however sandstone I would have to spend a lot of time gathering or use my rupees to buy it... but when done right it could be a worthy investment.
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  5. Better than some other mall lobbies that I have seen. :) I am not a great build expert, so good luck.
    And add a ceiling... Nvm :p
  6. Ceiling will just mirror the floor likely, in case anyone was wondering ;)
  7. Changed the shape : still pretty squarelike :p

    (Note : torches are just markers for the dimensions of it, they won't be there ;)

    Tp Gates Still Fit, With Some Changes (No wool now)

    Also they're a fair distance from the walls
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