New & Improved SMP9 Public Head Farm

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  1. I used to have a public head farm on SMP9 (thread here). However, that eventually fell into disrepair and somehow broke. However, I'm now introducing...

    The new & improved SMP9 public head farm! This farm has two different drop areas, like the last, but respawning should be faster and it is now underground instead of above ground.
    There are also several public utilities in the above ground "lobby" building. Among them are 2 crafting tables, 10 anvils, a "Take a penny leave a penny" chest, 3 enderchests, 10 furnaces, and a chest for storing the fuel for the furnaces (lava buckets).
    To get to the head farm, go to SMP9's Wild SE outpost, and head north. Look for two cyan-coloured beacons. Follow the guidance of the signs once you get there.
    Some of the signs are a bit difficult to read, so I've copied them here.
    How to Head Farm Effectively
    1. Sleep in your drop area's bed to set your respawn location.
    2. Go into the water stream. See "Tips for Head Farming".
    Tips for Head Farming [using /ps]
    a. Turn off enraged and miniboss spawns in /ps
    b. Enable head dropping in /ps
    c. Turn your /diff up to 10
    3. Fall down as many times as is necessary. [Please note that you will not get a head every time that you fall; it's a random chance as to if you get one or not.]
    4. Go down the "Head Collection" ladder.
    5. Collect your heads and your heads only.

  2. Your first bump happened to be on my birthday, now I feel special haha~

    All in seriousness, I may stop by the next time I come online. I'm interested in trying it out. :)
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