New hardware for smp1-4 is ready!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Temporary addresses if you can not connect:
    smp1: | Live Map
    smp2: | Live Map
    smp3: | Live Map
    smp4: | Live Map

    If anyone missed it, here is the original announcement of upgrading the hardware for smp1,2,3, and 4:

    Last night I finished getting these servers tested and ready. Throughout the day today (8-Mar-2012) I will be transferring each of the game servers to the new hardware. It should take less than an hour of downtime for each server to do this. I will reply to this topic as I start and finish each server.
  2. what happens with utopia? is that seperate?
  3. Utopia will also get an upgrade shortly, it just isn't as urgent as smp1-4 because of its low load :)
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  4. You did mention Justin that you didn't want to cram 3 servers on one piece of hardware so does that mean that Utopia will stay on old hardware for now since it seems to be able to run fine as it is?
    EDIT: darn my terrible timing haha
  5. Haha, you say low load. Wait until I turn my wheat farm on. Wow. Almost crashes me out of MC. :)
  6. So to break it down a little more, the first test of the new setup was smp5 and smp6, they both run on the same physical server with no problem. That server is running at about half of its available power. Now you never want to go to 100% of a servers power, but early indications are that it can handle a third game server (smp7). However I am holding off on that and instead opted to make two more of these physical servers for smp1,2 and smp3,4. So in our new setup:

    Master database server (all the EMC magic like cross-server abilities, rupees, texp, etc) - utopia
    Game server 1 - smp5 and smp6
    Game server 2 - smp1 and smp2
    Game server 3- smp3 and smp4

    More than likely each of the game servers could handle another smp server each. However for now I am playing it safe with two per server.

    Hope that answers your question.
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  7. Thanks for that :D

    I know it's really none of my business, but this stuff always has me curious :)
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  8. Same
  9. What game server is 7 running on at the moment? Because I've seen you on it a few times.
  10. Is it possible to see what load a specific action puts on a server?

    I would be interested to know if the massive, massive lag my wheat farm causes is affecting me or the whole of Utopia in some way or form.
  11. It is running on Game server 1, however it has no load so it doesn't actually effect anything.

    Oh yeah for sure, I understand. I plan on putting together a nice diagram of the entire EMC platform sometime in the near future, and I will post it on the site :)
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  12. It can effect the entire server. Usually when this happens we ask the creator to either modify it so it only clears a small section at a time or size it down. The issue with that is that it drops thousands and thousands of items.
  13. Ok, Nice to know. Just a question, How many GB's of ram do the servers have and how much are they using at full load?
  14. Is it possible for someone to check if it's having an effect if I throw the switch in the next five minutes? If so, I'll make adjustments.
  15. The master database server has 64GB of ram, the new game servers have 32GB of ram each. Memory is not the issue with Minecraft (even 2GB for a server is enough), the real issue is CPU because it is single threaded application that can only run on a single core, and all modern CPU's are multi-core.
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  16. Kil, I would be more worried about the 700 or so sheep in your lot, I've seen a few people have large chicken farms have to kill them.
  17. Is there any way to take advantage of multi cores with things like bukkit?
  18. Is it possible for a farm to not only crash the server its running on but also crash the other server sharing the same piece of hardware?
  19. None of the server software out there takes advantage of multi-core to my knowledge. Sounds like its time to pop in a sandy bridge xeon with some liquid cooling and send it to the moon.

    I wonder if you can disable cores on a quad core processor to reduce heat?
  20. Ingora, I have 6 cores and I have 2 disabled on my AMD. You can do it in the bios.