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  1. Hi All I am a 52 year old dude that has played video games scene pong. Looking forward to some fun times with you all.
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  2. Welcome to EMC
    Every age can play EMC
  3. Yes! I'm not the oldest! :D <-- 44 yr old mom who also remembers pong and space invaders, centipede, asteroids, etc etc etc...
  4. Welcome to EMC!
  5. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :)
  6. Welcome to the Empire SirTim. I also remember all the earliest games. Enjoy your stay. :)

    I don't believe you were ever the oldest. You started Oct 2014 and I started Jan 2014, and I am 66, probably the oldest on the server. ;)
  7. Aaah, and all of a sudden I feel right at home with my 45 years of age :)

    Yeah, all them youngsters... In MY time we didn't have the luxury of using the Internet to play games together. Instead we had to take our computers with us, hence the birth of the LAN parties. Well, and even if we couldn't really hook up the computers (C64 comes to mind) no one cared anyway because it was still a lot of fun :)

    I kinda miss that sometimes to be honest. Especially the major tinkering which we did. "We have 2 diskdrivers (1541), both have their own firmware, we can hook 'm up due to the serial interface, wouldn't it be great if they could work stand alone?". And the next moment we're trying to hack our way into the 1541, eventually (months later) actually coming up with a bit of code which could be inserted into the 1541's memory in order to get it to work independent.

    Meaning: 2 drives on top of each other. You'd put a floppy into both and as if by magic the disk would get copied from top to bottom (so put original in top, empty / unused disk in bottom). No computer required :)

    Ehm, alas, where were we?

    Oh, right, welcome to EMC SirTim! :)
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  8. Welcome to the Empire :)
  9. I always thought that Sinclair Spectrum 48K was superior to Commodore 64 because it was more inviting to learn about computers and programming and it was easy to develop custom peripherals for it (Z80 family) :)

    Did you ever play "Manic Miner"?

    Welcome to the club!
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  10. Welcome to EMC - you're going to fit right in! :D
  11. Welcome to the Empire!

    If you have any questions at all, the EMC community will be happy to answer them :)
  12. Welcome!
  13. Welcome to the empire!! :)
  14. Welcome to the Empire! :) BTW I'm 43, you will fit right in here. :cool:
  15. Welcome to EMC! An older fellow huh? Wonderful, it's always nice to get some better variety in age. You probably have a lot to bring to EMC, so I look forward to seeing what you can do. :D
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