*NEW* [Forum game] How do you know me!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Jakebag, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Okay, so after the original (oh yeah, obviously don't bump that thread) one being quite a success, I thought I'd bring it back! :)

    So this is the game, all you have to do is state how you know the person above (its a bit like you're the one who.......)
    You're the one who is crazy
    You're the one who likes everyone's posts
    I have known you since i joined.....etc.

    If you don't know the person say i don't know you or come up with a crazy answer :p
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  2. Why do I believe that was directed at me. :p
    Your that awesome guy. Who is really cool. :p
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  3. You're the one that likes absolutely no-one's posts :rolleyes:
  4. They are a really helpful person and are now a moderator, so most know them, also, they are a fan of pokemon judging by their signature...
    PLUS they write a lot of the guides
  5. You're the guy whose soul I stole last week.
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  6. He helped destroy my res, and I wore his head for a week or so...
  7. Your the guy who I lost ten minutes staring at your signature.
    Five is the guy I confused with matstar1 :p
  8. From the Infected Convo..
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  9. I know you from the LLO and NR
  10. I know you because you broke the rules
  11. I dunno know you. So..
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  12. You're the Neorepublican potato fanatic.
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  13. You made those Ice walls
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  14. You're the guy who made the Empire Minecraft mod :D
  15. You made me never look at noses the same way ever again...
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  16. Your name makes me think that gangstering is a profession
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  17. I think you're the superlord of darkness...but I'm unsure.
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  18. You are the guy who builds lava walls, I believe
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  19. You're the guy who's posted three times in this thread :p
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  20. You are someone that I do not know.