[Forum Game] How do you know me!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Jakebag, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. So i just thought of this idea, all you have to do is state how you know the person above (its a bit like you're the one who.......)
    You're the one who is crazy
    You're the one who likes everyone's posts
    I have known you since i joined.....etc.

    If you don't know the person say i don't know you or come up with a crazy answer :p
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  2. You're that guy who I met on SMP1 nearly 9 months ago.
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  3. You're the guy who's banned off EMC but stays here.
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  4. You're the guy that I occasionally see on the forums.
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  5. That's a guy who i think showed up for the survival games but i dont know you otherwise.
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  6. You're the guy that failed to host all the survival games.
  7. I know you from the empire minecraft mod
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  8. You're that guy that tried to buy one of the rarest items on EMC for 23,000 rupees from me...
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  9. You're the guy who I tried to buy the rarest item on EMC for 23k from...
  10. I know you from somewhere, but I can't remember, I've think met you on one of the forums..
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  11. You are the one who hates March ;)
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  12. Well... I am me
    Never met you
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  13. You're the one who I just followed cause that is the best post!xD
    And the person above me is the person I saw that just posted a message in this thread just seconds before me..:/
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  14. You're the guy who posts a lot on the DC thread.
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  15. You're the guy who got me to play Star Warfare. xD
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  16. Your the guy that posts on the DC thread too!
    ( DC IS AWESOME, I can't resist posting xD )
    Aw, this happened again..why do people keep beating me by a few seconds?
    Your the guy that I somehow remember from......what's that thread called? :3
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  17. your the guy that wants me to feed your eggies xD!
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  18. Your the guy that feeds my sexy eggies! xD
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  19. your the 19th post in this thread
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