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  1. Hey EMC!

    We have another feature update for you this weekend! I know what you're thinking...Aikar released two new things in a short time? Yes, it's true. The good news is, a lot of the very tedious things that had to get done first are slowly becoming finished, which will allow Aikar to get some things done quicker since the "base" for them is finished.

    You now have the ability to create temporary "Groups" with your friends you're out traveling with.

    Right now, it only has one feature, which is still a pretty big one, but we will be adding more to it as time goes on. Aikar is hoping to have a lot more features and benefits added to Groups. Right now, when in a Group, anyone in your Group will be able to chat with each other using the new chat channel which you can switch to by using "/chat g" or simply "/c g".

    You can see the list of commands by using "/group" or "/gr".

    To start a Group simply invite someone, without already being in another group using the invite command.

    When in a Group, you will remain in it until you leave or are kicked. If you sign-out of Minecraft for more than 5 minutes, you will also leave the Group. Joining back within 5 minutes, will have you auto-join back into your Group.

    The rest of it is pretty easy to figure out, but feel free to post questions if you have them.

    Also, be excited for things to come to this feature. You're really going to like what Groups offer to your everyday playing in the wild. It will be a unique experience. :)
  2. So now i have one Question about this.

    Is this going to be a public feature or supporter only ?

    EDIT: 1st
  3. prob everyone
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  4. The empire just gets better and better everyday.
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  5. This is something everyone can use.
  6. This sounds really useful! I'll be sure to use it soon!
  7. I <3 this idea
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  8. cross server or not?
  9. Yes ! This is amazing :) Thank you
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  10. Not cross server. It's meant to be short temporary things while you're playing in a single session together. This is one of the things that will be used with Dragon Tombs. Also, when you see the "Group Perks" that come out in the next few days (if things go according to schedule), you'll understand why it's a single server thing. :)
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  11. ... Lol you been waiting to use this... May the Aikar.gifs invasion begin.
  12. that is not a feature at this time. The future is always promising though :)
  13. Can't wait to see this evolve and change the way people interact within EMC :p
    You guys are awesome
  14. ohhh so delicious, thank you...
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  15. I do remember saying some thing like that in the Shop Debate thread.... ;) in that the way people play EMC was going to be very different!
  16. Cow I have an issue with this! *insert rant here*

    J/k :D

    Also are we able to name our groups? I want to name mine something stupid like DonutBrigade or RamenCrew.
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  17. Had it in my clipboard waiting for the moment :)
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