New Enraged Zombie Egg!

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  1. You read the title right! This 1.9 feature makes any pre existing egged Enraged Zombie/Enraged Guardian Eggs worth far more than any worth in 1.9:

    Happy Collecting!! Its just like the DO NOT CLAIM Independence day swords, slightly more rare.
  2. Hmm, wouldn't this also affect re-egged special mobs like Netherpuppers and event horses/pig if they are re-egged post-1.9?
  3. i re-egged a is now a 1.9 one
    my shop sold out quick sold 8 eggs i had for 120k before i knew this
    luckily I still had a secret stash.
  4. I'm not sure I understand here. So if I have enraged guardians that I egged prior to 1.9, they are worth far more now that we have updated?
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  5. basically the 1.8 ones...without lore...are a limited item now. and non-renewable.
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  6. One thing I will never understand is why people want to buy stuff that can kill them :eek:
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  7. If you were to spawn the Enraged Zombie or Guardians, they would spawn as villagers.

    This is because some Enraged Zombies and Guardians spawn as zombie villagers, and can be converted to a villager and eggified.

    So they are actually kinda cute and cuddly:D
    The villagers are cuddly... Not the Enraged Zombies
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  8. I cuddle the Enraged Zombies too! Especially the babies, so cute & quick! But sometimes they are bad & must be punished. I try to spank them with the flat edge of my Smite V sword, but alas, they always seem to catch the edge :oops:.
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  9. Didn't know about this, thanks for the information! This lore might be something to add to the Wiki, so I'll pass it over to the Wiki forum to see if we should add it :)
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  10. But Dave is such a nice zombie
    Sometimes clumsy :p
  11. If you are a collector and would like to buy these eggs from someone, please be considerate and let them know that the eggs they currently own are more rare than they used to be. I was recently taken advantage of because I did not know there was a difference, which is really unfortunate. Thank you all. :)
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