New enraged mob.

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  1. With the new enraged mobs and the 2 boss mobs Momentus And the Marlix, an idea came to me when playing the 1.6 minecraft and that there should be maybe a smaller enraged or boss mob. ( Maybe Minimus ) It would be a baby zombie with some perks. What it does, I do not know.
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  2. that would be a good idea
  3. Baby Pigmen? Where have I been all this time?
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  4. Cool idea!
  5. Uh... Not watching youtube, not playing Hypixel's maps, and not killing babby villagers with zermberz?
  6. mabby a leaping zombie! 50 Health (25 hearts) and 3 damage (1 and a half hearts). He has the jump boost effect level 6 as well as resistance 2.
    Edit-He will drop a iron sword, rarely diamond, even more rare, enchanted!
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  7. image.jpg
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  8. Yep 1.6 introduced natural zombie and pig man baby spawns
  9. Babies would be quite good :D
  10. That's just a baby zombie villager :p
    No idea what your talking about :oops:
  11. +1
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  13. I am planing to make a Ethy202 boss, 500 Hp, 7 Toutch Damage 10 Arrow Damage. Ethy202 boss also floats. Kill the Virus under the Ethy202 boss and then defeat Ethy202 Himself
  14. Too nooby. Needs to be stronfer.

    Something like this:

    Devil's Silverfish. It would look the same as a silverfish
    Speed: As fast as a player in a boat.

    Strength: it would shoot balls somewhat like ghasts but it would destroy any block except obsidian and bedrock It will also leave the place a sphere like 4x4 area on fire and it will hit 4 hearts through Diamond Protection IV armor.. The attack will also send the player flying 5 blocks high and a poison DOT

    Health: 50 Hearts

    Defense: It doesn't take damage against fire and it deflects arrows it cannot be hurt by potions and a godsword would do like 1/2 heart to it.

    NOTE: I've soloed something like this but it had a shape of a giant and it didn't had the poison.
  15. How bout my Ethy202 boss with 7 attack and 500 Health!!! Edit-I cannot make non-shooting mobs shot stuff. Only stacking entitys is the closest i can get. Edit 2-I cannot make a mob defelect entitys or be invincibile. sory bout that. Edit 3-Invinicibe to potions that is.
  16. How about we get back on topic?
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