[Making for you] Appreciation Items!

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  1. I am making appreciation items! It is free and your item can have special effects!
    Here are 2 i made, 1 of me, the other of JZH1000
    2013-06-25_16.44.47.png 2013-06-25_16.44.50.png
    How to get one-
    1-Put in a reply to this thread saying this ("[" and "]" mean your idea goes in this box"
    [Name of Item]
    [What item it is]
    [Rating from 1-10/10]
    [all reasons] [any joke reasons]
    (optional) [special effect] (You are limited to the enchantments in vinila minecraft)
  2. I'd like a "Fish Slapper" raw fish.
    Rating 10/10 with every combat enchantment in the game at level 127 (not bow enchants)
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  3. Alright, what mod is this?
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  4. Its MC edit in a single player world.
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  5. Slash's Death Emerald
    Bring death to those nasty mobs!
    Sharpness X
    Fire aspect II

    (Thanks :))
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  6. Just a little update on my bro's part, he wa perma banned but because all this is is screenshots, he can still do this
  7. I will need reasons and colors for your item!:)
    Also, slash, I can do sharpness X fire aspect X too, If you want.
  8. Because I used to made emeralds like that in LAN with my friend and it would be nice to see one with color.
  9. How do we get these into our singleplayer worlds? Is it possible?
  10. Not easily, no.
    He would need to edit our world save.
  11. I have created the items. they will be uploaded soon.
  12. 2013-07-12_10.46.24.png 2013-07-12_10.46.18.png
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  13. Choongjae's Potato
    Potatoes are awesome.
    Knockback V, Fire Aspect I, Looting V, Sharpness X
  14. Plz ad a reason
    Edit-Wait. 10/10 = EVERYTHING! On it.
  15. Potatoes are awesome.

  16. ha ha i made it.
    edit-hr it is. 2013-07-12_11.57.05.png
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  17. There will be a world download after the world is loaded with Items.
  18. [Name of Item] Pigs Bacon Stick (In pink bolded letters please)
    [What item it is] Uncooked porkchop
    [Rating from 1-10/10] 9001/10
    [all reasons] [any joke reasons] Well, it's bacon. Duhhh.
    (optional) [special effect] (You are limited to the enchantments in vinila minecraft) It gives you Speed V for 29 minutes, and 59 seconds, and jump boost V for 9 minutes, and 59 seconds (once you eat it)
  19. I am sorry, but potion effects go on potions. I ment enchantments in the table. Also, this is why you like EMPIRE MINECRAFT, not the item.
    Edit-I haven't tryed potion effects on food! :) also, I will change your thing a little bit, not too much.
    Edit 2-Sorry, Potion effects don't work.
    Edit 3-What type of mob do you hat most? A-Undead, B-Arthropod, C-Any other.