New Empire Citizen, Not New MineCraftian

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  1. :3 Greetings And Salutations all of Empire Minecraft! My name is Zidanetri0, and although I am new to your world, I am used to not only minecraft, but to servers themselves. I am an old admin of a long forgotten server, but I hope that you will all take care of me as I move from the high seat back to the glorious level of the actual player. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to ask, as I am an open book, and I hope to find a nice beautiful home alongside the rest of you here in the Empire. Thank you :3
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  2. You are new and You are a gold supporter? Anyway, welcome to the Empire
  3. Welcome to the empire! Hope you enjoy youre stay.
  4. "Welcome to the Empire where the server trolls you" -JustinGuy

    But seriously welcome to the empire hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. Welcome to the Empire, I came to it for the same reason as I was once a server admin and then our host decided to call it quits .
  6. I am pretty sure JustinGuy never said that.
  7. He had it in his signature some time ago
  8. You are correct. The quote is "You see, in the empire, the server trolls you".

    It was in response to some griefers who placed lava around an outpost, took 6 seconds to roll back hours of their work :)
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  9. Yes, an old buddy of mine from the old server had tried out Empire one time and gave this very high ratings as far as he went, so since we shut the server down, I've got some extra money to throw around. So I decided to try out the gold so I could see a lot of the options you guys offer, and if I really enjoy this, ill jump up to diamond and go from there with other donations and stuff :3
  10. Ahh... griefing griefers. Simply the most rewarding part of running a server, wouldn't you say?
  11. Welcome to the empire! Have you decided which server you will have your primary residence on?
  12. lol, that's the shpeil that I normally gve to new players. :p
    Anyways, welcome to EMC! I see you started out gold, and you won't regret it.
    You will soon see that the community is much more than a community, but even maybe a secondary family.
    You will soon find many people that are willing to help, and answer any questions. If you ever see Icecreamcow, the current supreme ruler/god/king/whatever of the empire, remember to get a book signed by him.
    There are lots of great things that you will find here. One is the vault.
    /vault opens a double chest worth of space that you can use to transport things throughout servers. So basically, a server-wide enderchest.
    You will find many more things, cookies, and secrets throughout the empire. Here are a few.
    /graveyard: where banned players go to die. smp1
    /mobarena: an arena where Aikar, ICC's sidekick, or Maxarias, Aikar's sweetheart will spawn thousands of mobs for you to battle. Last person standing takes all. smp5
    So that pretty much sums it up, other than, this one message; the entire empire welcomes you here.

    /end textwall
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  13. Welome to the empire! :D
  14. xD
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  15. How is that of graveyard?
  16. You seem to have found your self at home. :) Welcome!
  17. If it means anything, I found the whole thing in it's entirety.
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  18. Welcome to the Empire! Make sure you read the Guide well... it'll answer most of your questions. You have good taste to become a supporter so early on... it'll be worth it. ;)
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  19. Welcome to the Empire ^.^, hope you enjoy it here and hope to see you around :)

    Oyea don't miss out when staff has a Mob arena event. It's a great way to meet everyone ;)