New EMC Idea?! =D

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Is the EMC Mod arena a good idea?

Yes. 8 vote(s) 34.8%
No. 15 vote(s) 65.2%
  1. Hi. Me and BROOKEY1131 had an idea, Called the "Mod Arena." Get it? Moderators have an ability to turn on PVP flag on reses. So, we think we will make a res, with a map, and all the moderators get in it and fight it out. Nobody else will be allowed, because Move flag. So, is this a good idea? we supply the map, you supply our entertainment. And who wins gets the items. It would be really cool! respond if it's a good idea.

    Thanks, Dead
  2. EMC is a non-PvP server.
  3. Put the moderators in a vicious pvp cage match... Can we throw in some of the Admins too? ;) Honestly, I don't think that this would work out too well, and the mods have better things to do than stand around killing each other. Also, if we put pvp on in one area, people might start asking even more for pvp to be added in other places. In other words, this could cause all sorts of problems and yet have little value. Sorry, but I am just stating it how I see it. :)
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  4. Although it might be funny and entertaining to watch, this will most likely never happen.
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  5. This wouldn't work out because we wouldn't be able to get all the mods in one place at one time. They all live in different time zones which makes it difficult and also have irl things to deal with like jobs.
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  6. This needs to happen...
  7. This seems strangly familair... *thinks hunger games* :p
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  8. Mods cannot turn on PvP.
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  9. Admins tho...
  10. PVP server will happen in the next Decade :)
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  11. Naw, Less than a decade. When Aikar makes the other server, which will be long after dtombs probably. I wouldn't say a Decade.
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  12. Classic, Equinox_Boss likes both of the above posts? Doubt he read the actual posts because that's rediculously ironic :p
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  13. Erm, where have you been the past 600 days Equinox Has been on EMC? :p
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  14. As for 525 of the days, not on EMC :p

    Yeah but I know how he follows and likes everything he sees, just thought that in particular was funny :p
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  15. Turning on the PVP flag won't work, it's turned off on the server level too, and I actually removed the code that handles the PVP flag so its forced off...

    The idea itself is funny for entertainment, but sorry wont really be doable any time soon.
  16. One day when EMC has got 1 million people on it then Aikar will make the other server, called "PVPVill"
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  17. Actully, I read all the posts after liking.
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  18. Gee, efficient lol :p
    Ville* :p
  19. Ok. Thanks, Aikar. just wanted to know.
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  20. No we don't. :)
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