NEW EMC Club : The Rebels.

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  1. Hey everyone, i am starting a new club called the rebels, we are a club that is really focused on creating awesome things in minecraft. Currently i am the only member, but we hope to expand ALOT!!! The Home Base will be in SMP1, res 1389 and will be at the back-left part of the res. Also, the home base is not yet actually made and we need some good builders to build it. To join copy and past this form :
    UPDATED FORM!!! IF you have already applied, you can add these in OR you can go with what you got! :D
    MC Skill:
    Favorite Minecraft Mob:
    How Long you have been in EMC:
    How Long you have been a MC Player:
    Some players that would refer you:
    describe your Personality:
    Home server:
    Res Number:
    Other stuff:
    What position Would you like to be in The rebels? :

    Your Commander; MrSmiley99
    Vice Commander: ?
    There will be more positions available!
  2. Also post form in this thread, thanks! XD
  3. 17
    A lot of skill
    Every One
    4 Months
    Ever since it came out
    Im a very tolerant person,kind,and willing to do whatever it takes to make the rebels awesome.
    My res is 1126 if u ever need me(i would to apply for vice commander.)posted in order given in first thread.
    vice commander(sorry I said it twice.:()
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  4. hmmm, i will confront your refferals and get back to you, maybe consider asking your referalls to join? More the merrier! And thats a good thing! :D BTW Great app, but please make your skill more specific, describe it more please, thanks! :)
  5. Creating awesome things? Aw yesss.
    Age: 18
    MC Skill: How is skill measured? I can break and place blocks, so I guess I'm okay.
    Favorite Minecraft Mob: Squid.
    How Long you have been in EMC: A month
    How Long you have been a MC Player: A year
    Some players that would refer you: Slepnirson, mugatu1994, kettlekern, weableandbob, scarligmione?, d1223m?
    describe your Personality: \o/
    Home server: SMP3
    Res Number: 7471, 7321
    Other stuff: I prefer to build solo.
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  6. Um please Describe your personality better :/ and i will talk to your refferals! :D
  7. I have no idea how to describe personality. I'm nice, I'm mature and calm for the most part, I like creating things but I'm also very lazy.
  8. Also, more description in Mc skill, like wiring , farming, creating, decorating, mining etc. You know, the works, :D
  9. Im a very talented buikder and have had numerous people ask me to build things for them.ive also created an entire town on
    single player and npc's accualky spawned in it:eek:. Im also sorry to say my brother updated my mc.:(:(
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  10. I updated myne too XD yeah, youv got a great chance XD
  11. Lazy as in... Not helping when creating or lazy as stay home all day minecrafting? ;)
  12. I'm decent in building redstone circuits and I really like doing it. Trapdoors, piston entires and bridges, lights, etc. I like decorative building; check out for an example. I can mine, but I would rather build. Farming is boring for me, but it's not difficult lol.
  13. The second one :p I usually build on my own anyway, I like the creative freedom.
    I updated my application, by the way.
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  14. I can say im lazy as in playing MC all day.But hey,who wouldnt?:)
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  15. nice!!!! Both of yous, kewl!
  16. I also like to have that creative freedom to build whatever I want.when an idea pops into my head,i build it!!:)
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  17. Amadai, but you would be happy to create with a group, right?
  18. I would be happy to help out. I'm in the middle of some other projects, though :p
  19. Hey,did you decide our positions yet?
  20. Cool, amadai, i updated it again, what pos' would you like to be in the rebels, and BTW , please invite others to the club by giving them a link.
    thanks, :)