Awesome log mansion built by Amadai on smp3

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  1. Every time I get on a server I spend most of my time exploring with /v random. The Empire has TONS of breath taking residences. I would love to find ways to show more of this off with the entire Minecraft community. To start it would be great if more people posted creations on the forums. I decided that I would try to post a few myself to get the ball rolling.

    Builder: Amadai
    Server: smp3
    Address: 7471

    This "log mansion" by Amadai won the lot contest for smp3. I stumbled across this residence before I knew it was even in the contest. What I like about it is the aesthetically pleasing shape and the stained glass windows. But enough blabbering the screen shots can speak for themselves.

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  2. I'm her neighbor. It was great watching this go up and helping provide materials. It was great to see her win.
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  3. Agreed. Well done Amadai!

    You've given me quite a lot of inspiration!
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  4. Wow! Thank you so much Justin. The pictures you took are awesome. I'm looking forward to building more on the lot next to this one, so stay tuned!

    And thanks so much to the people who helped me gather materials for my mansion, couldn't have done it without their help :)
  5. Impressive!!
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  6. That is just amazing. You're very talented. I loved the lights, the chandeliers with torches and the trapdoors on glowstone to make lanterns. The water feature out the front is perfect, it just needs those big goldfish!
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  7. Hey it looks really cool good lob!!
  8. Great job Amadai, I've seen this building grow from quite an early stage. One of my favourites. :)
  9. Whoooa. I am awe struck. It seems to be one of them structures that you can just stare at for a long time and still miss some of the little details that make this place so amazing. Super duper job Amadia and gratz on winning!!

  10. Breathtaking work. Very inspiring. :)
    Keep up the great work. Hope to see something amazing on your next lot.
  11. This.... just... wow.
  12. *All the above*
  13. I agree watching this thing transform was pretty amazing even though I first saw it when the outer shell was done. It was pretty crazy watching the inside come together.
  14. Whoa! Nice job you did there! :p
  15. Oh and I almost forgot that I am on smp3 so I should totally go and check this out myself! Lol. ;)
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  16. Stunning. Amadai do you mind if I can talk to you about a project later when u get home?
  17. can someone help me i need a lot that some one wants to make somthin on i want to make a grande manson with a hotel and stuff
  18. THAT is one fine residence. Congrats on the win!!! :D
  19. Thank you! I had a lot of help and encouragement :3
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