New different lazy-shopping Mall on smp3

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  1. Update:
    - The shop is open
    - More Updates down below

    After weeks work of planning and organizing Im finally almost done with a new Mall on SMP3.

    I have tried to make a new unique way of shopping without using your keyboard.
    There is always a Warppoint within range of every inch of the shop, so it won't be necessary to walk/jump etc.

    Here is a little demonstration
    This is a submenu from the general menu (none-solid blocks). The idea is that you warp to the middle of a 5x5 room, then you chose a new warpsign fitting the itemframe of whatever it is you are looking for to buy or sell.

    When you have chosen a menu and baught/sold your items, you can continue shopping by warping back to the first menu. And yes I know Im missing the B/S signs I will get back to that.

    The Redstone Lamps in the floor is a Chest-empy/full Indicator.
    It lights up when in stock and turns off when out of stock.

    For you redstone fans I have also made an Item Sorter/Filter, which will make it alot more easy for me to run the shop.

    As you can see there is many small compartments, so I dont have every item in the game as it would require alot more work.
    I have every key-indgredient to every item. All you need is a workbench. You won't even be needing a furnace.

    As I have mentioned before I dont have B/S signs up yet, that is because the shop isn't open yet.
    This is the first time I have made a shop, and that means I have no clue about the current ideal prices for every singel item. So if any experienced Shop-Keepers is interested in helping out organizing the price I would really appreciate it!
    If you have any surplus on items or r you are also welcome to make a donation.
    All thoes Hoppers and Redstone went way over my original budget, so Im running broke with 10k left, and i still need to have some start items in every chest.

    That is all I have for now, I will make updates of any changes in the future so stay tuned. :) If you want to pay a visit the shop is located on SMP3 7070/JoxBax. The entrance is open so you can have a look (but you cant buy yet). Any kind of feedback is welcome! Hope to see you around. :)


    New Style
    - Floor and walls redesigned.
    - Color on signs.
    - Seeling removed.

    - Solid block section have blue floor and blue signs.
    - None-solid block section have red floor and red signs.

    - You now get an ekstra 4-30 r by selling from the top sign.
    - Buttom chest now only B/S one unit to fix the light indicator problem.
    - New prices - More balanced.
  2. And a big thanks to all of you who helped digging and wooling the place up!
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  4. I forgot to mention that to make the shop as lagfree as possible I have divided the shop in to two different locations on the res. One half at bedrock level and one half just beneath the surface.
  5. Thanks for all the donations and positive feedback so far.
    Im still looking for someone who can help me with the pricing.
  6. First, Great job on your build and the idea behind it. I really like the way you are thinking.

    You are welcome to check out my prices on 8703 on smp4. They are balanced so that most of the items are affordable, but not so cheap that a single player will buy everything and sell it to someone else. I don't sell everything possible, so it's just a start.

    In regard to 'lag'... I haven't visited your shop yet, but the biggest issue will be the sorter. Hoppers in large numbers are very bad for server performance, so having a sorter running on a busy shop res is not the best idea. I feel bad to tell you because I am sure it took a huge amount of work to build. Also on lag; chunks in minecraft are loaded top to bottom in 16x16 sections. That means putting some things deep and others shallow will not necessarily help with loading times. You would need to spread things out horizontally to get help from spacing, and a standard res isn't really large enough to work with. I'm not saying your shop will lag out the server, we have some server mods that keep things humming pretty well and the owner just invested in some super hardware to keep ahead of usage lag.

    I like to see that players are thinking about performance. I don't suggest that you tear it down or anything like that. I am offering information so that you and others can understand and continue to build increasingly friendly creations on your residences. It's a huge job to build and operate a large store. Pricing and stock and customer service are never ending. Thanks for your effort and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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  7. I'd recommend having the ceiling one block higher. That way, you can have a button, a sign, an item frame, and a chest if necessary. Or a second item frame if that's whut you're all aboot : p

    Also, while I was in, I got zero lag increases. And the one thing I really appreciate:

    You didn't use beacons maxed out at everything. I love you dude
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  8. This is genius.
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  9. Cool! I can only assume you know what you are doing, I will come check it out.

    I wasn't really paying attention to any thoughts regarding server lag, you make a good point. Maybe it would have been for the best if I contacted one of you guys before I began building so much redstone - My bad!
    But I have honestly not experienced any lag when the Sorter was at full drive on every Hopper.

    But then again I dont like I may be responsible for causing any issues on the server. You are welcome to come test lag spikes while loading it if necessary!

    And thanks for bringing it to my attention, I was thinking about expanding, maybe I should give that a second thought now.

    Haha thats a shame.. Well you lose some and you win some, it isn't really a big deal breaker as both of the rooms are connected with Hoppers.

    I dont like buttons as they can be hard to click on due to the hitbox being so small. (Spoiler - thats why im using signs) ;)

    And yes no fancy beacons I like the minimalism and a simple look.
    And i love you too :)
  10. Yes, if everything goes as planned the shop will open tomorrow.
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  11. 1 short tip: use collored Texst on signs I think it is nicer (for my). it works Like this:
    Do /Colors to see all Colors and extra's
    Type: &[collor number][&effect number]text
    On evry sign-line
  12. Good advice I will use that! :)
  13. The shop is now open. :)
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  14. Added:
    Netherbrick And Quartz.

    Enchant section incoming.
  15. Update:

    New Style
    - Floor and walls redesigned.
    - I have learned color on signs is a good thing. :D
    - Seeling removed (for all of you with claustrophobia :D)

    - Solid block section have blue floor and blue signs.
    - None-solid block section have red floor and red signs.

    - You now get an ekstra 4-30 r by selling from the top sign.
    - Buttom chest now only B/S one unit to fix the light indicator problem.
    - New prices - More balanced.



    Next project

    - Yellow section with "Public Enchantment table, anvil, brewing stand etc." In this room 2015-01-07_21.33.38.png
    - Green section with "Crafted items"

    BIG THANKS <--- To all of you who are loyal to my shop already, you mean the world to me. :)
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  16. I'm closing the Store for a tiny moment. I wanted to make some tweaks that went on to be a little more than tweaks, so I have reset my lot. Yes, i know that sounds stupid, but I had an awesome idea suddenly which will make the store much more reliable and overall better.
    I will reveal what it is when its finish.
  17. 2,5 months in the making and I'm not more than 1 or 2 weeks from finishing my next shop which will also be on smp3 7070. I have removed the move restrictions so you can come check it out.
    I'll make another thread about the new shop when its finish, but so far you can post feedback and questions on here if you want.
  18. A very.. technical shop :p
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