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  1. I got a new computer!

    It's a 5k iMac.

    • 4ghz Intel Core i7 Processor
    • 5k (5120x2880) Screen
    • 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 Memory
    • AMD M295X 4GB Graphics Card
    • 1TB SSD
    The RAM is upgradable to 32GB, which I will probably do at some point.
    It's not exactly a gaming rig, it's meant more for editing. I get >60fps with maxed-out settings & no Optifine, and with shaders it is playable (but not ideal) at max settings. I will install Optifine once the new version comes out.

    My desktop:

    Screwing around with shaders for five minutes:

    I'm setting it up so that I can just drop a file onto the desktop / download it and have it automatically move to the correct file.

    I would post pictures of my desk, but I'm moving it within the week.

    Questions, concerns, comments, thoughts?
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  2. how much was it
  3. A lot. With student discount it came out to >$3k. This seems like a ton but the only other 5k display on the market goes for like $2.4k.

    EDIT: Roughly comparable PC. I made it in like ten minutes, though, so yeah it's rough. Total cost $3.5k.

    EDIT: See jk's comment.
  4. Yes! Go Apple!
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  5. Like, Monopoly money?
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  6. 5k seems a bit of an overkill seeing as you can get 4k monitors for under 1k. Those are some pretty impressive specs though.
  7. It's mainly for video editing. You can edit full 4k and still have access to your tools on one screen.
  8. Right....
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  9. Well, I'm not very good at Monopoly, so lets try russian Rubles instead. :D
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  10. That computer you "matched" is no where near a realistic comparison. $280 $60 $130
    CPU fan on the iMac is stock performance, so adding a Noctua is useless in comparison. $360
    You are comparing a mobile graphics card (iMac) to an outdated desktop card. A proper comparison would be: $245, and is is significantly better.
    No need to get a full tower case with minimal components. $70 $70
    You would never use a wifi adapter, but if you for some reason wanted one: $15
    5k monitors are expensive because they are gimmicky and there is little supply. No professional uses a 5k monitor that costs 3x as much as a 4k monitor.
    2x $1200
    No one uses a trackpad either, but we will go with ~$40.

    Total comes to $2470 for more processing power and screen real estate, and also OSX boot compatibility. This is before discounts, no factored in price cuts (there is always a sale), and no rebates. OS costs are not included because they are roughly equal in the end (updates and upfront costs).

    If you are going to compare things such as these, make a fair comparison and do it right lol.
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  11. 1tb ssd <3_<3.
    And why did you choose for amd? (Just curious)
  12. The model he bought only allows pairing with AMD.
  13. It's a pre-built. Didn't have a ton of choice in the matter. :)
  14. I took ten minutes to do it, so there are quite a few flaws, I'm sure. What I tried to do was match it to the actual components in the thing.

    See above.

    I was just picking a random pricey case. One reason I bought this computer (not even looking at the screen) is that it's gorgeous. Friction stirred welding, minimalistic, thin, portable, etc. I haven't ever really seen a tower that high-quality. In other words, moving to a tower & monitor would be a loss to me, so I'm adding on a fine to the case price.

    I do need it (even though I have ethernet) because of things too boring and complex to type out, but anyways that thing doesn't have 802.11ac.

    I'm tired of hearing that they're gimmicky. They have almost twice as many pixels as a 4k monitor!
    And I want one display, not two. Personally, it just doesn't make sense for my workflow to have two displays, and I have to move the computer on a fairly regular basis.

    In other words, I want a 5k monitor. That's $2,000 on Amazon.

    When you get a iMac, a keyboard and mouse/trackpad comes with it.
    Obviously it's no good for gaming (I use a trackball for that), but Apple makes notoriously good trackpads and for more casual computer-related tasks there's nothing like it.

    That margin is entirely due to the 5k panel. Just replacing 4k with 5k, you get $3,270. Within a few hundred dollars of what the iMac cost.

    And to be clear, I am not actually angry at you or anything, just debating.
  15. Derp , Didn't see that it was a mac
  16. The graphics cards are not the same though. A 7870 is, by now, ancient and m295x is new.
    I guess looks make sense, but then again, if you are desking this thing, then a comparable tower is generally hidden. I am not sure I would consider this portable other than in the context of moving to a new residency.
    But that is the thing, the only reason 5k monitors are expensive is because they really are gimmicky (one useful application), there is very little supply, and producing them at such a small scale is expensive. The only useful aspect is (like you said) using them to have native 4k and menus at the same time. But other than that, they do the rest worse than a 4k monitor. It really doesn't make sense to get a 5k monitor anyway, since if you want room for options menus, 8k monitors are very close to being released. When they are, they will certainly cost much less than $2000 since they are a proper resolution increment for software, videos, game, etc, meaning there will be a much larger supply.
    100% clear.:p