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  1. Okay, so hopefully i will be able to get a new computer soon as i have enough money to get one but i need help. The computer i have now is probably around 6-7 years old and seems to break too much. It cannot run the games i want it to run and its also quite slow. I am not very good with computer specs so please keep that in mind (I know the basics, but not too much :p) Please keep in mind the following bullets:
    • My budget is not great around £400-£500 (If its just over £500 thats fine)
    • Its going to be a desktop (not a laptop or a all in one)
    • I am not a extreme PC gamer and i dont want this new pc to run battlefield with best graphics on :p (You could never get one for my price range anyway) I only really play minecraft, gmod and gta iv (Maybe Arma 2). I would class myself as a amateur PC player
    • I live in the UK, so no american websites please (Unless they are a worldwide company e.g. amazon)
    • Preferably I want it to run windows 7 (I have heard terrible things about windows 8 and i am not a big fan of windows 8 anyway)
    If anyone could help me in my search for a new computer i would be very grateful!
    More information to come!
    Suggested PC's- (by Creeper655) (By Joshposh70)
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  2. Do you feel up to building a computer? You can put together a decent computer for that price, but you'll struggle to find a decent pre-built one, Do you need a monitor too?
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  3. I'm fine for a monitor, and no unfortunately i am not up to building one as i have no knowledge of putting one together. I've seen a couple on websites such as pc world but they all seem to run windows 8 (I know you can downgrade) and all seem to lack good graphics cards.
    Edit- I've been on this and looked around a little (my friend suggested it)
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  4. - Make sure you change it to windows 7 - I left it on windows 8 (Under software)

    Don't refresh the page or it'll be lost - It's £450, A bit out of you're budget but it's the best you can do to play Minecraft efficently.
  5. For games I would recommend a good cooling system, graphic card <- as much as you can afford, Ram DDR 3 again as much as you can afford, Desktop should ok for cooling, better then laptops, just make sure that you got plenty of fan's but you can add more. Also make sure its got access to ventilation not trapped so the vents of the box cant suck in cool air.
    Their are plenty of computers at your price range that should do the job you want.
    One other thing try and get good quality named components for your ram and graphic's card
    Some computer sites you might want to look at:-

    I have bought items from ebuyer before [I have no complaints, if anything fast delivery servis] and they are UK based also.

    I have had several laptops from Dell, although I might go back to a desktop next time. I have a Studio xps one level down from Ailienware
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  6. The hardest part will probably getting my parents to allow me to have one! I will be paying for it by myself, and i am getting a new pc instead of having a new mobile (contract runs out in april) but they will still probably be iffy about it. Hopefully i can persuade them :p
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  9. You really don't want to do that, The GPU that comes with that system (It has an APU - (CPU AND GPU in one)) Is extremely snappy for the price and will run Minecraft installing another GPU will most likely make the system work slower.
  10. Okay, I had no idea about that! Thanks :)
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  12. Okay, so i have not posted here for a while so i thought i would update people. I have still been looking but have been busy. The good news is that my budget has increased a little because my brother is now going to chip in. Here are my 2 favorites so far (they are very similar) Computer 1 and Computer 2. So can someone please tell me which one you think is better.
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  13. The AMD one by far, nearly the same as the one I ordered but with a 640 2GB instead of 1GB 650 , you don't really need 2 GB
  14. Go with the second one and replace the GT640 with a 7750 and get a 500w powersupply, It'll cost £25 more but the extra performance will make up for it massively
  15. Apparently it costs more for ammendments aswell
  16. Well *when* you know what computer you want....
    Look for sales and if your parents spend ex amount on holidays for you then use money towards your computer.
  17. Get one custom made. As in go to a company and tell them what to put in it not you make one yourself, they make it you just decide what you want in it
  18. Thats what I'm doing now sorta if you checked the links you would know.
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