New Call Of Duty Game Announced!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by ateamfan, May 2, 2012.

  1. Last night, Activison released a trailer for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. It looks like the series is taking the more futuristic route, with robots, tanks and planes. The release date for the game is November 13th.

    So what do you guys think? Personally, I'm more of a Battlefield man, and I can't help but notice the similarities. But are you excited for it?
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  2. sort of but like you I'm a battlefield man
  3. Hell to the yea!! The futuristic approach should add a nice change to the COD franchise!
  4. It's by Treyarch so I'm excited. The cycle always seems to be IW makes a super popular COD game with a bunch of lame/broken features, then Treyarch comes in and cleans it up for an epic game. :)
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  5. b/c world at war was totally awesome.. introducing zombies.. and flying limbs and such xD

    And also.. Treyarch just simply takes the latest IW engine.. and finds a way to make a cool zomibie game.. then they just kind of throw a game around it... and BAM new COD game xD
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  6. WaW had it's problems sure, but it was way more fun to play than the MW games, imo. Justin and I were both pretty much anti ANY COD game until BlackOps came out. However, something about BO felt right. It was the first multiplayer COD game that was fun to play, and we did for way more hours than I ever thought I'd play a COD game, haha.

    I tried MW3 and after just one game, didn't want to play anymore. They basically take the mini fixes that TA adds and takes them out. It might be an ego thing considering they want to be seen as the TOP COD game creator, but the things they take out is what made multiplayer fun.
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  7. ...also speaking of Zombies. I probably spent more time playing Zombies than any other part of COD. I would easily pay $60 for a COD Zombies game with a bunch of different levels/scenarios/stories.
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  8. Yea, I think what it was, was that BO wasnt a game where "rushing" was a main focus, the maps weren't designed specifically for that purpose as well. I feel the same Jeremy, I can't really explain it, BO is by far superior to mw series.
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  9. Well I'm going to be the bubble burster and say that I actually hate the new trailer. Completely hate it. The first thing I thought of while watching it was "wow I wonder if I'll be playing as Arnold Schwarzenegger or John Connor". I have always been a huge COD fan, until MW3. That made me quite iffy about the series and now this has just completely destroyed the franchise for me. I will not be paying $100 for this. Unless I am given it for free or it drops in price DRAMATICALLY to around $30 ... it will not be entering my game collection.
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  10. Woo! Another linear shooting game that really, doesn't need you in it.

    I've just played through MW3 again, and I tried to play it by shooting as little as possible. The game really doesn't need you in there. It's just a movie with moments of interaction.

    A rubbish movie at that.
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  11. Black Ops story honestly made me laugh. In a good way. Though it annoyed my sister that I would randomly yell out "What do the numbers mean Mason?!" for awhile after playing it. Someone will probably end up gifting me Blops2.

    For me it was CoD2 or CoD:MW. Still want to get WaW sometime. I'm pretty sure I heard there is still some people on multiplayer. I know there is some on CoD: MW also.
  12. i cant wait it looks awesome :)
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  13. I already pre-ordered it xD
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  14. This almost makes me want to start up some EMC community game nights for Xbox.
  15. Eww. Needs more pc game nights.
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  16. Anyone who prefers the PC is free to run their own PC game nights. :)
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  17. AGREED! Can you PM me your gamertag? Or just say it on the thread.
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  18. I could also start a thread if you want and maybe add some GIFs :D
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  19. I figured you admins want them staff run. It would also be useful if someone hadn't made a EMC steam group then did nothing with it. I have a large number of multiplayer games. I guess its just finding people who would want to play.
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