New BungeeCord Server!

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  1. BungeeCord is the software we use to directly connect all of our servers to a single address and the /server command.

    It has been a recent source of lag, but it was primarily because it wasn't fully polished yet, but I'm happy to announce it is now properly deployed.

    We now have a new dedicated server for BungeeCord, with a Gigabit network connection. Previously it shared the server with SMP3 and only had 100mbit, so it was pushing some limits.

    Also, this new rollout has a proper auto restart in place (5AM EST) just like the game servers, which will keep it running in top shape.

    There should be no more lag issues from BungeeCord now, and it will also be able to auto restart too if it crashes :)
  2. first
    Edit: oo :D
  3. Second. :p lolwhynot

    Anyway, these new updates have been amazing! I am loving the direction EMC is going.

  4. I cannot stop smiling. All these new announcements and developers and new features! Empire is in a new age of glory!
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  5. What are the specs of the server?
  6. A key difference being the old server bungee had to fight for CPU vs SMP3 and SMP4
  7. This is great! Now, my question for you: Is there any way at all to kill head lag, or is that just something with MC that we'll have to accept? It's kind of annoying that I practically die every time I want to take a look at "The Faces of EMC." :p
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  8. Very nice! :D
  9. Head lag? :confused:
  10. Are you trying to say that smp3 was the most useless smp before??????????
  11. Oh my god. I think this is the lag source..... I have many MC servers, and all work but emc. Help
  12. This is a fix for one of the lag sources.
  13. Yeah, but I can't get in AT ALL! same with some other of my friends! it says "ConnectException: Connection refused:"
  14. Try using the following IPs:
  15. works too :p
    Connection refused means your PC is cacheing the DNS.

    Please follow this guide:

    If this does not work, then your ISP is to blame, and you can simply connect with instead.

    If it is ISP, you will have to wait until they flush their DNS. ISP's and PC's should be honoring the configuration I have set, but obviously either your PC or your ISP are ignoring the time duration set (5 minutes) and cacheing it longer.
  16. thanks, it worked so much, thanks Jack and Aikar.