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Cream or Cookie?

Cream 3 vote(s) 12.0%
Cookie 6 vote(s) 24.0%
Potato :3 16 vote(s) 64.0%
  1. Hey guys! I'm looking to get a new avatar that I can use, because I am starting to dislike my old one.
    So as the title says, this is a contest.

    What I want it to look like:
    I want it to be something original that shows who I am, not just a brick block.

    What I want: something with diamond or gold with a very detailed background. I was considering a battle that was happening at the front of a city's brick wall.
    EDIT: You may download a map for the background. Don't take a picture off of the interwebs though because that is considered plaugerism.

    What I don't want: Any thing that has to do with squids, lemons, or pigs.

    Other than that, it's up to you. If you want to show me previews you may but, please do it in a PM.

    How to Enter:
    Post all of this in one post if you want to enter.
    Picture Entry:
    Idea behind it (optional) with description:

    Rules for Contest:
    • You may have a maximum of 2 entries.
    • No Alts.
    • Must be original.
    • Has to relate to me.
    • Must be created by you (no forging or copying)
    • I will decide who wins.
    • End Date for all entries to be submitted: July 17th. Exactly one month since the contest began.
    So Now with that out of the way, I will tell you the prize.
    The prize is 10,000 rupees along with your picture be my avatar. May the odds be ever in your favor!
  2. Could you give more information of stuff that you like, don't like, etc. So it can be easier to make the avatar show who you are?
  3. I'll give it a go however it would be handy knowing what things you'd like it to feature and what things you'd prefer it not to feature ;)
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  4. I have a Graphics Service here. You can request for an avatar there and I can contact you for more details. :)
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  5. I'll edit the OP with my preferences. Sorry I forgot I needed to add that info :p
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  6. That's alright, thanks for the quick response :D
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  7. Thanks. I May try something.
    Can I use a downloaded map as part of the background?
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  8. Sorry but, I am doing a contest to let others have a chance of getting known for their artwork. If you want to participate, that would be great.
  9. Sure, as long as you don't copy imagines off of the interwebs. If you download a map and take the picture yourself, that's fine :)

    I notice I forgot to put a Due Date for all the entries... I will think about when is a good date to end the contest and then update the op. :D
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  10. Morning Bump for all those players that were asleep when this was active yesterday.
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  11. Potato :3 Come on guys, I was hoping this was gonna get more attention. it is 10, 000 rupees.
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  12. I am currently working on my entry :D
  13. I am working on mine too. I will probably be done before July hopefully.
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  14. I have decided to ask that if possible, please put a hidden muffin inside the entry. If you could do this, that would be great :p
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  15. Name: Jkrmnj (I think you want ign right?)
    Picture Entry: Brickstrike.jpg
    Idea behind it (optional) with description: I tried to incorporate what you asked for but couldn't really get a battle scene in. I have gold and diamond things with brick pillars in the background. I used a shading mod to make the background look cooler and more detailed. I also included a 3d model of your player, your name in big awesome letters, and a muffin between the t and r because I needed the sun to hide its white background.
    I hope you like it
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  16. Just wondering: Would you want an avatar like mine or something more detailed?
    (Yes, I read everything and know you wanted a detailed background)
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  17. Looks great! Like the muffin :3
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  18. I can see what you are dong here.... You want a muffin from me... THEIR mine! ALL MINE!
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  19. Muffin bump :3 So far only one entry, that means if there are no more entries, jkrmnj is guaranteed 10k
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  20. Bump :3
    15 days until contest ends.
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