Netherspleef Tonight!

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  1. Tonight's Wacky Wednesday Event is:

    When: 11:30 pm EMC time on March 22nd, 2017
    Where: /v netherspleef on smp1

    Number of rounds: 3+ (depends on timing)
    Prizes: Heads, Rupees, etc

    This is special edition Lights OUT Netherspleef.
    It will be more challenging, but with better prizes :)
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  2. oo it changed :p
  3. Why did it change?
  4. due to a recent update with fishing poles
  5. #BlameChicken for being a proactive dev and fixing something that was much more important....
    #BlameAikar for having to work and not being able to push out a fix in time
  6. #BlameTuqueque for reporting the much much important bug
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  7. Im hoping it will fix the command...
  8. I will be there for sure.
  9. Yay, Can't Wait! ^_^
  10. Aww I love this event and cant make it :(

    At least I get to go to the carnival irl :p :D
  11. cant wait to play, do we need to bring our own picks? :D
  12. Yes it's starting now!
  13. Damn, got 4th place on the last round. gg Uber, Ulti, and Wolf! *Wolf couldn't stop attacking me ._.*
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  14. That was fun! Thanks for hosting the event. :)
  15. What do u expect XD When a wolf finds its target/prey its gonna go after it :p
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  16. Next event: Tonight (July 20th) at 8 pm

    See you there!
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  17. Might be home then. Will try to come :D
  18. Loved the new Staff looks tonight!

    And a surprise visit (though we never saw him :p ) from Aikar
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  19. Had fun until I crashed :p
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