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  1. Hey guys. I managed to tame a few Netherhounds and took them home.

    I built a pen for the netherhound pups, and went off to mine.

    When I came back, all of them were gone...

    Is it possible to have these guys as pets, that you know, don't unspawn?
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  2. use a nametag on them?

  3. Does this actually work?
  4. yes, using a nametag makes everything not despawn
    even creepers
    especially creepers
  5. from the wiki:

  6. Well alright! Luckily I looted a name tag from a spawner room. And it's sweet mossy cobblestone too...
  7. I can't find any netherhounds. I am attempting to tame one.
  8. I believe that this is a bug and doing this might be abusing the bug. Oh and this is the wrong forum.
  9. JackBiggin said that we should think of this as a hidden easter egg :) It is only an exploit if people try to make loooads of cash out of it or something. But yes this is the wrong forum :p
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  10. Its not an exploit. Its an easter egg.
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  11. 2013-10-27_15.10.03.png

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  12. Well my 2 netherhounds sits still at 18882 smp9, no name-tagging. (even no fence :p)
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  13. I did not need nametags either :) Just egg them, bring them to my res, place them, use bones on them and there ya have it, never leave that residence after you make them sit :)
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  14. Does it still have its potion effects? If it does the netherhound easter egg can help us fight mobs :p
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  15. All I know is the fire goes and I wanit :3
  16. What do netherhounds look like? I have never seen one.
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  18. Well, netherhounds are enraged mobs. Test and touch a skeleton and see how many hits it takes the netherhound to kill the skeleton.
  19. I just want fiaaaarrr! When it is in town :p