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  1. A chat message popped saying "NetherHounds howl for assistance." I have no idea what it is and it scared me. Help please.
  2. Aikar's little pets
  3. what do they do and why are they his pets?
  4. Its only nether dogs. They do however attack in packs, but if you have armor and a sword you will be OK!
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  5. Are they an enraged version of the Dog/Wolf?
  6. *sigh* why cant people read the front page more often lol
  7. Oh and what do you mean bit?
  8. there was a post where all the new stuff was revealed and explained on the front page. instead people post threads like this or "A FLAMING ZOMBIE RAN AT ME AND KILLED ME IN ONE HIT WITH GOD ARMOR!!!" thats a direct quote btw
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  9. They scared me the first time I heard them and saw they howled for assistance. They're dogs that live in the nether, and just want to attack you. Do not assist them, because they will attack you anyway. They drop sulphur or quartz, and the best way to kill them is by shooting them with a bow. If they get too close to you, then just wack them with a sword till they die. They travel in packs, so be careful in the nether. Well... always be careful in the nether! :D
  10. Because that post isn't on the first page. It's on the second because there have been other posts stickied so that people can see. There are also those people who don't use the forums at all or only recently started using the forums since we've had so many different changes and they're still waiting for updates. The recent threads is usually spammed with auctions and other things so it gets covered up. If people don't know about the changes, they are of course going to make these threads. Not everyone knows and knows how to magically kill everything with a wooden stick like you do so it's overwhelming for some and that's why they were using the Zombie Virus as intended in most other games, until Aikar nerfed it.
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  11. I don't know about you but if I saw that NetherHounds howl for assistance, I would make a good guess and say it is a Dog in the nether that prob wants to kill me/.