"netherhound howsl for assistance" message. howto disble it.

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  1. Minecraft or EMC start to get worse with some things.
    Today i see netherhound, offcorse you die. but soem big screen message in front of me made it worse.
    So how to disable "netherhound howsl for assistance" or all big screen messages, thee are 101% bad !
    Loot messages are already turned off with ps.

    How can someone think a big screen message just when you need to battle is informative ? It's just doing the opposite.
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  2. There's no way to disable it.
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  3. Och, that's a -1 for minecraft. :(
    Netherhounds already a disaster since 1.8 without that message.
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  4. they arent hard to kill, one hit from a sharp 5 diamond sword kills them, and they dont do alot of dmg even in voters armor. running from them is what will kill you, its better to log out and wait 2 minutes then try to run from them
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  5. As to those messages: they are only used whenever something important happens which can directly affect you. Like the server rebooting, a mini-boss appearing, etc, etc. That's why you cannot disable messages; because they're important.
  6. But not so important that it need to be full scale and full screen. In the p[ast it where nice placerd in chat. that worked perfect. besided you always have sounds that get the attention more then text.

    And yes i have voters armor and sword, and since 1.8 it kills me most of the times.
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  7. I didnt die on my first encounter....
  8. An easy way to kill them is:
    1) Jump up and place 2 blocks when you see that message
    2) After on top of those blocks and the hounds are approaching you, pull out a bow and arrow (standard nether gear) and shoot them
    3) Wen they gather around your 2 block tower, slice them with the sword. Ty not to get them while they are jumping, as the following explosion could knock you off your pole.

    In response to this, use the infinity enchant. The bow is a lifesaver in the nether, because of the ghasts and such. It could mean the difference between life and death.
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  9. LOL,

    first you need to have space for 2 blocks up, you did say that before and i used it a few times.
    Bow ? no never use that, it takes to much inventory space :eek:
  10. Not noticing that a mini boss has appeared won't do anything wrong, though. Perhaps the player will be surprised, but it was their own choice to turn the messages off.
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  11. That does depend on difficulty level :p

    I encountered a Momentus on SMP2 earlier this evening and discovered for myself what auto-attack on difficulty 7 meant :p In those cases such messages can actually safe your life :)
  12. Yeah, but I mean, I think there should be an option to turn those messages off, at your own risk, as I understand how they can be disturbing.
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  13. AT least move them from full OSD mode to chat message.
  14. I like the message what's the prob, ?
  15. It's to big filling the center of your screen from left to right in large font size. and it just not belongs on place like that. especially not when you just need to fight at the same time.
  16. I take it you have a very small monitor resolution? It doesn't show up any larger than regular chat.
  17. Same for me its only a size of a normal chat
  18. Using 1920x1080 @ 125dpi font , otherwise windows is not readable.
    It's a common design flaw for developers that the never test for other settings,
    developers seems to always have owl eyes. ;)