Netherhound Bug?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Marine4121, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Found some netherhounds and they didn't attack me so i hit one, didn't attack me. So i let a bunch of them spawn and see what happened, nothing they just sat there like cute puppies... Until i killed them. Free food.
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  2. I was also surprised when I found some of these. They just stood there and howled for assistance. I slaughtered them all. Tasty steaks!
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  3. Try taming them!
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  4. shhhhhhh
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  5. Quartz 3-15 Rare
    Nether Brick 2-6 Uncommon
    Steak 3-8 Common
    Gunpowder 2-6 Always

    Just saying.
  6. Whaaaaatttttt!!!

    I didn't think of thaaattt! I know what I'm doing tonight! XD
  7. Easy quartz/gunpowder farming?
    No one?
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  8. Me and quarterstop were once in the nether when he went afk, 2 seconds later I turn around with a netherhound sniffing his butt, stayed like that till it died
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  9. uh, why would you report this bug? This is a good bug. The Nether is dangerous enough without these things tearing you to bits. I was hoping this would stay under the radar. Not any more. :(
  10. Because bug abuse is against the rules. :)
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  11. Chickeneer broke them.
  12. I agree with Dresden72 before the bug appeared, i rarely went into the nether without a group of ppl. Reason being to pick up my stuff after i got torn to shreds every 2 minutes due to Netherhounds. They are a nuesence and hinder any kinda of progress out there. Everything else seems manageable except the netherhounds. While i understand Bug abuse is against the rules. Your not getting really anything all that great from netherhounds The real treat was the less stressful time in the nether. Im sure this will be fixed now.
  13. Actually this custom mob is acting just like mob it is based on, this bug is not an exploit. It's not like the hound dies when you walk over it to and drops 15 diamonds. That would be a problem. And how do we know this is a "bug"? Normal wolves don't attack you, they don't attack me, I don't attack them. You guys could have reset that mob to act like it's base model... Assuming you reset it worked for me.
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  14. Did he feed them some KFChickeneer? :p
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  15. Because the word "Netherhound" above his head, and the lack of announcement saying that they've become passive mobs. And the fact that they're still firey, and the wiki page still says that they attack players. :)

    If something isn't working as intended (and you indicated that you knew it wasn't working as intended), and you use that to your advantage, then you're abusing the bug.

    And since hounds do drop custom loot, I guess that it is technically an exploit, since custom drops are unaffected. :)

    But none of that matters, since abusing any bug, even if you don't consider it to be an exploit, or to give you an advantage is breaking the rules.
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  16. Are Netherhound eggs an exploit? I havent got any yet but some people are offering them about ~FD
  17. Renamed wolf eggs?
  18. Call them a hidden easter egg. :)
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  19. Since it looks like you are singling me out and calling me a rule breaker, please check the logs. I have been in the Nether once, ran off the platform, dug into the wall, and then closed it up with dirt. I then mined a few stacks of Netherrack and then ran back out of the Nether. Have not been back since. My knowledge of this bug is second hand, BUT it did encourage me to go back and mine more Netherrack since I am out. But not so much now...
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