Nether Hounds and Enraged Mobs Spawn Anywhere

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  1. Today I saw nether hounds spawn on half slabs in nether. I've seen them spawn on top of a chest before. I've also seen enraged spawn in very well lit areas and on top of glass or in water. Neither of these mobs respect the 24 block spawn requirement either.

    Please, please correct this. Being able to secure an area is core to the survival experience. Changing difficulty to level 1 doesn't help against nether hounds and what used to be a safe nether hub before 1.8 is now the cause of many deaths, of which theres nothing I can do to prevent the spawns (half slabs or glass wont stop them...).
  2. Just a note, in 1.7 you had some code that prevented nether hound spawns at bedrock level. Thats removed now also.
  3. Aikar already picked off the enraged mobs in water around guardians in another thread. Update hasn't been implemented (killed 4 of them yesterday in one area) but I assume he's working on the solution.

    I only ran into netherhounds once, but ducked out in another direction before they spotted me. :)
  4. I was guessing he might, I just wanted to make sure nether hounds were addressed as well and that he knew about the bedrock spawning for them now. They are the only thing you can't prevent with the dif level.
  5. Spawning in Water wouldn't be so bad except when they can't get to you you get the message saying that your rewards will be reduced. I haven't gotten anything more than arrows or flesh from them in normal encounters in very long time and after the first message like that I just avoid them. It changes their status from enhanced mob to nuisance mob for me. They can bob there forever for all I care.

    I haven't had any Netherhound encounters yet, but as they are often on you before you can react and more often explode before you can even hit them, I don't really want to encounter any under normal circumstances.
  6. I came across this tonight. I can't say whether this was an enraged or normal zombie. I had just popped a hole in this monument though about fifteen seconds earlier. A little later I found some Bones in another room. I don't see any explanation other than that they spawned underwater.

    I've noticed in the monuments I've explored where there are sometimes air pockets up near the ceiling. Perhaps places like this in monuments and other areas are tricking the server into spawning mobs underwater. Maybe the regular mobs drown and the enraged ones are the ones that live long enough to make it to the surface.
  7. hounds have always been able to spawn on top of chests, its a normal spawning block
  8. Not outside of EMC.
  9. ok its a normal spawning block on emc
  10. Chests are not a normal spawning block, even in EMC.
  11. I have noticed some strange changes to mob behaviour, blazes shooting at you through blocks, although they can't get you they can cause damage to each other. Enraged zombies and skellies are now spawning under water in and on top of ocean monuments, I have also noticed that mobs can now spawn on top of workbenches and possibly furnaces although rare. Just pop a torch on top.
  12. ive seen endermen in endertopia spawn on chests since i started emc, but i could be wrong its happened once or twice before