Nether crashing for me (free rupees involved)

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  1. I happen to have a problem with the nether. Whenever I try to go the nether, it either says "Java binary is not working" and whenever i close it, minecraft closes. Also, sometimes, it happens without the popup opening. It happens on every server, and just the nether. This has been a major problem for me, because I can not get wither skulls until this is fixed. It is just one one computer, but I was wondering if anyone has had this same problem.
    I will pay 500r to whoever solves this problem for me.
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  2. I have the same kind of issues with the nether -- minecraft often just closes. Here's hoping someone knows how to help!
  3. And remember, this will help a mod!
    Even more motivation to do it!
  4. I remember somewhere someone posted a mod that was supposed to take the stress the nether causes on your computer down a notch sadly i have no idea where it is.
  5. 1. try force update.
    2. uninstall java through control panel, then reinstall it.
  6. I think that mod is optifine, and I'm running it with the lava animations off. Not sure what other settings to tweak with that...

    Some days it's fine, and other days it crashes relentlessly.
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  7. It's been crashing for over a week now...
    Also, optifine doesn't work with 1.4.2.
  8. The first step I'd try is to pull down a new minecraft directory.

    Navigate to C:\Users\Ignoramoose\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft (where Ignoramoose would be your username).

    Make a backup of these files. Copy them to a folder on your desktop or flash drive, whatever you'd like. From there, delete everything in the folder.

    Open your minecraft.exe and login to re-download minecraft.

    Let me know how this fares.
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  9. You're using a 1.6 Java - You need to be using 1.7 (Download the latest)
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  10. So far, so good. Just to see if it truly works, I will pay you on Friday if it has not crashed again by then. If you don't mind.
  11. i dont know much about this always works fine for me but wanted to say that optifine is out for 1.4.2
  12. Nope, just crashed again. =(
  13. Get out of the nether.
  14. I knew someone would say that...
    I need to be in the nether.
  15. I WAS running an older version of Java! Hopefully this will fix it. Thanks for a great suggestion, Josh!
  16. 1.4.2 is laggy. What are you near? New fortress?
  17. haha you said notch
  18. Bigdavie's blaze grinder.
    Do I have to delete the old java first?
  19. Defenestrate your computer.
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  20. No, I will not throw it out the window.
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