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  1. Allright - i might be missing something very obvious or i havnt fully understood yet how portals work - so i thought i better ask in here:

    I wanted to setup a portal outside of the frontier east protected area to shorten the way to my frontier area via a path in the nether. I end up at a hub obviously created by the people living in cliffside etc - will say to the north of that spawn - i intend to go south from there. I am greeted with signs 'dont remove anything else...' - but the entire place is sealed without a single door to get out of the box. I tried to setup the portal a bit further away but still end up at the same hub every single time. What am i doing wrong here?

    Edit: I was of the understanding that i would create a new portal as long as i am more than 128 blocks away from any existing one - and i am pretty sure i moved at least 200 blocks away from the protected spawn area.
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  2. The rules are that you can't modify things people build, yet also that you can't claim outpost territory in the Nether so they should allow access to the area.

    One thing you can try is to try to force your Portal to link with a pre-built one in the Nether as close as possible to the location where one should be spawning now.

    Another would be to work with the Outpost members to share access to the area. Most likely they will be helpful.

    Failing that, I don't think what they did is generally fair. They've boxed in the Portal and essentially put anyone who follows rules into a position where they have control over their access to that portion of the Nether through threat of punishment.

    I understand why they might feel they need to do this, but the areas around Spawn are full of Portals and tunnels and restricting access like this isn't fair to everyone else, so you could try getting Staff involved as a last resort if you can't find another way to get to where you need to go. Perhaps you should anyway, since there may be other people who are having the same trouble as you are.
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  3. Well - that actually shows me that my question is basically two-folded then. I was about to remove a few stones and replace them with a door to make it possible for people to leave the portal box but restrained myself as i wasnt sure if that would also count as griefing.

    But my main problem is still the same - is my understanding correct about the distances and if yes how can i basically get out of the mess i am facing right now? You mention the forcing to link to an existing one - that is actually what happens where it shouldnt in my understanding.
  4. While you making an exit from their portal would be considered griefing, them boxing you in is also a form of griefing in my opinion. Traps are also against the rules, and I would consider this situation to be a form of trapping, as they are directly impeding your movement in the nether both purposely (the box) and accidentally (the way the game links portals). I would follow Pab10S's advice on linking a new portal to a pre-built one in the nether. But if that doesn't work, I would contact a staff member to see if they are more in the wrong than you would be (assuming you would be forced to alter their structure).
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  5. I might have been unprecise in my description then - the box i am talking about is around 'their'portal in the nether. But despite the fact that i move further in the overworld (200 blocks) i still end up at that same portal in the nether when i create one in the frontier. I hope this makes it clearer where i am struggling
  6. Lets say that the boxed portal is located at x = 100, z =100. If you were to build a portal (in the nether) at x = 125, z = 125, you could try to link up to the new portal. So instead of trying to generate a new portal in the nether, manually make one and link to it.
  7. Thats where i am stuck by that famous box i mentioned - but i get your point there. Will that say i got the numbers wrong and its 128 blocks in the NETHER - so i would have to go more than 1k blocks away up in the overworld?
  8. Every portal has an equivalent optimal location on the other side. When the game decides your linking, it goes to that optimal location and then searches outward for a portal. It takes the n/s/e/w distance more seriously than the height, but height still matters. If the game finds an existing portal within 128 blocks of the optimal equivalent location, then it will send you there.

    To make sure you are linked correctly, its best to manually place a portal at the optimal location on the other side, or as close as possible to it.

    I believe that the JourneyMap Fairplay Edition mod lets you set a waypoint in the overworld and then edit that waypoint to include the nether. The waypoint then shows in the optimal equivalent location on the nether side, saves a ton of work. VoxelMap may do the same.

    For your other question, If you don't know of any other ways into the local nether, just dig your way out carefully replacing the blocks after you. Our griefing protection system is based only on reporting, so if it's perfectly replaced you don't have anything to worry about. There is a super small chance that future griefing could happen there, be reported and your name would popup in the research, but mods are pretty careful about that when they research.

    If ya get stuck on any nether portal stuff let me know here or PM, I'm glad to come help or explain more.
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  9. Yes, the trouble is, around spawn you hit someone else's portal by then too :) It's unlikely they'd have a box of doom though :)
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  10. Intentionally creating a grief-box around the portal that people can get teleportd into is NOT a supported method of grief prevention on the Empire. Feel free to dig yourself out of whatever box they have made, but place the blocks back once you are through. Griefing is the intentional cause of damage to another players' property/belongings. If you replace the blocks you move, it's obviously not griefing because you are just trying to pass through. None of the staff should punish you for that.

    As for distance, I know that the nether portals can be finicky. Trial and error might be your best bet.
  11. yeah just to clarify, if you replace whatever you break immediately if isn't really griefing. ive mined through peoples builds on accidents mined through the other side replaced the blocks and kept on going in a straight line. its only griefing if you dont replace (kind of like how griefing plants works)
    edit.... and krysyy already said that, teach me to not refresh
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  12. For every 8 blocks in the overworld, it is 1 block in the nether. First, you need to figure out the coordinates of their portal that it's sending you to. You will multiply those coordinates by 8. Here's an example: Say the nether portal coordinates are 100/45/-20 (x,y,z). Multiple each coordinate by 8. The only important ones are x (100) and z (-20). Once they're multiplied the coordinates will be 800/not important/-160. These are the coordinates you will reference for the overworld. Portals need to be at least 128 blocks apart from each other in the nether, and at least 1,024 blocks apart in the overworld to prevent linking. Using the coordinates this way is especially helpful if you're looking to go to a specific place on live map. Just choose your place on the map, divide the coordinates by 8, and then you can dig to the correlating coordinates in the nether.
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  13. Thank you all for that information and clarification. I walked roughly 200 blocks in the OVERWORLD - which made my head as i thought it was 128 blocks to be safe - lesson learned there :)

    @krysyyjane9191 As of the box - i certainly understand that they want to have the portal safe from ghast attacks etc and its good to know that safely digging out and placing back afterwards is an option here - highly appreciate that pointer as that spawn area is simply my best option to where i need to go afterwards