[ NEEDED ] Allot of seeds...

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  1. Does anyone happen to have Fourtheen doublechest's of seeds?
    I'm willing to buy them for a descent price!

    If theres a shop or you have a shop that sells seeds please write down your Resident Adress and ill come and buy them :D
  2. A while back I was working on a double chest of hay bales and probably threw at least that many away. Do you have chests set up and are you buying them? I am sure I and others have seeds lying about.
  3. I have tons do u have a shop set up?
  4. The Hoard @ 18721
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  5. My res on smp8
    (Turn left and go to the farm)
  6. I'm sorry, I can't resist...
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  7. PM me how many more you need and I will make you an offer.
  8. I can provide one DC
  9. And yet, still wrong.

    I may have some seeds left over that I can mail to you. I'll log on later and see.
  10. It's a joke : )
  11. if you got to "/v dektirok 3" on smp5, I have several public flower farms set up. It also produces seeds... in mass quantities....

    Just need to bring your own bonemeal.