Need to sell Nether Brick at a high/decent price

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  1. Hey. I'm making a shop myself, but sandstone isn't cheap. I also still have an stack of Nether Brick. I'm trying to sell this is a high price, so I can buy some sandstone to build my shop.
  2. You could also get yourself some sand, something that is quite abundant in the /wild, and just place it in your 2x2 crafting grid to make sandstone yourself. Yes, I know it takes some time to get the sand, but atleast its almost free (you just need a shovel, doing it by hand takes forever).
    This way, you don't have to sell your netherbrick yet.
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  3. I'm not using the Nether Brick. I've bought it in my first days on EMC.
    I don't like the texture. I just wanna sell it, but I've heard it's rare.
    I don't wanna sell it for 4 rupees per 16 if I can get 2 per 4.
  4. It's not exactly rare however it will sell for a decent price. Go to, /v 4005, green floor and I buy it for 24r/16 - just right click the sign with the block not in your hand :)
  5. if u have any left ill buy it for 1r for 2