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  1. Hey i am new to the server but I'm remodeling my store and i can't seem to find anyone willing to help me...I need someone to help me build but the most i can pay is around 500 r since i don't have much money. Im on Smp9 and the number of the res is 18870
  2. I thought you just posted a thread about being banned....
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  3. true that.
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  4. That, is your problem.
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  5. I would, but... you don't have the reputation, nor money for the project
  6. He's Probably gonna be unbanned, but still have all his stuff gone.
  7. He was permabanned?
  8. Let's redirect this thread towards its original purpose without the snide comments shall we?

    Dear TheModdedRussian,

    Not all shops start off gigantic. My own shop started as a primarily food store that almost no one visited. The best thing to do is start with a small shop and as you gain profit from having fair prices and being in stock in a few items, then you use that money to build bigger and repeat the process until you achieve status of a full shop.

    If you want any more advice, feel free to pm me and I'll let you in on secrets of the business. :)

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  9. Sorry Temp Banned.
  10. *cough* Eclipsys *cough cough*
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  11. i asked him to build a giant cake a while back and he was already working on something and he said that he couldn't do it so that may not work.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions but I'm quitting this server most likely because these stupid moderators.
  13. I agree with, you, mods are great in EMC! :)
  14. Considering that most people here are perfectly fine with the moderators, have you perhaps considered that you're the problem, not they?
  15. burn

    here is some water for that 4th degree... *splash*
  16. Hehe my signature is burning too :p
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  17. Yes I agree the mods are the best too. And It stinks your leaving because EMC is the best server I know and alot others.:D
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  18. yea this is the best server. thats y ive been on it as long as i have and i love the moderators and im cool with all of them except this particular one...
  19. Woooo you like the server again! Lol
  20. meme wtf.jpg
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