Need some smart people to decipher a code!

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  1. Hey guys! I needed some help so I thought why not ask my community! I have a code a friend passed on to me:

    Lnq, iv'g dualvegnjy c qotzg uafbygg. Hhu mhih ddcsvwod dv pkj cm dgqotz lb. Lrafarg a bdwbhr vmrg heno zqhy qclr?

    Can anyone make sense of it?
  2. Well. Was there any sort of number mentioned to you as he passed it? If so, it may be a Ceaser Shift.
  3. Nah no number, one other person has solved it, no key was needed they said, and it is in English
  4. It's odd, because in the code, there is the word Hhu, and as far as I know, there arn't many engligh words that start with a double letter and are only 3 letters long
  5. Well. I am not gonna bother to tell you the stick method. Thats a bit hard to explain. Try thinking of a three letter word with an apostophe. Not to many of those. And that may provide a way to figure out the rest.
  6. That's what I thought to, can you direct me to where I might be able to find out about the Stick method?
  7. It would appear that C could either be A or I.
  8. And then there's a stray A in there too
  9. just ask your friend
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  10. well with the alphabetical ordered letters switched with it's counter part ex) a>z b>y and so forth ... this is what you get - Omj, re't wfzoevtmqb x jlgat fzuybtt. Ssf nsrs wwxhedlw we kpq xn wtjlga oy. Oizuzit z ywdysi enit svml ajsb jxoi? ...also he might have used on the original text a letter shift system where each letter in a word is switched for instance the word Hello ... could be switched to Ifmmp each letter in that word switched with the next one and so forth... - just some suggestions.
  11. maybe he is just a troll
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  12. I think it's a polyalphabetic cipher, where any letter could equal another one, there are ways to solve these, like by seeing the most frequently used letter, because in plaintext that is the letter E
  13. idk what language you guys speak the most ... but most single letters used by itself depending what language - or if its english and alphabet order are switched ... most single letters are (I meaning 'me') ... (Y meaning 'and') (E meaning 'and') (A meaning 'One' or 'And') ... (U text form of 'you')... if that helps if you don't know other languages - it could be y, e, or a or alphabetical opposites b, v, or z just saying
  14. It's in Jiberish
  15. Does your friend commonly refer to you as "Jer"?
  16. Nah lol, I tried that
  17. Then I'm going with the troll theory. Even if it is a cogent message, there's just no point wasting the time to figure it out.

    The only way it would really work is if "Hhu" meant "Eel" or "Ooh".
  18. Not a troll, my guess is that some letter combos can mean one letter
  19. I've tried puzzles/codes like this before but this one just makes my head hurt. I tried the whole A=Z B=Y but to no avail. I even tried the A=Z B=A...nowhere.