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  1. I've finally decided to brave the frontier and live out there for a little while, but I'm a little bit hesitant about it. I love this server, so rather than risk an accidental ban, I need some clarification on something: I know we're not supposed to mine/farm resources in the Frontier, but what about clearing spaces for building? I've found a very lovely little spot on the side of a hill and I'd like to build a little house into it, but I'd have to clear out quite a bit of dirt/stone/trees to do it. Is that alright, or will someone come along and report me for mining there? I know it sounds like a stupid thing to ask, but I really want to be 100% sure before I get well into it.
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  2. That's perfectly fine :) As long as it's not something someone has built on (or is in a close vacinity to) you're good to go
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  3. Sweet, thanks :) Now if I could find my can of Creeper-repellant...
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  4. you're allowed to mine and farm there..
    what it means when it says that is just don't go there to mine resources and then go back to town, destroying everything just to fast mine random things, that is what the wasteland is for.

    but if you're going to live out there and make your living by staying alive to do those things, that is certainly what you're allowed to do.
  5. I also would recommend, if you will start living in the wilderness, try to select an area that complies with being able to establish your area. This means minimum 5k away from spawn points/outposts, and 3k away from any other player builds/bases/establishments.
    While you don't have to officially establish your area, it does help with who 'runs' the area in case issues pop up.

    It is good common sense anyhow to follow the distances as it will minimize potential grief-risks.
    Be sure to utilize lock chests to store your valuables as well.

    Good luck, and have fun!
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  6. Er. Is there an easy way to determine how far away I am from something or do I have to actually count out 5k blocks? Because I get lost counting out 20 blocks. I -think- I'm far enough away from everyone, I picked a relatively remote spot that's close enough to an outpost so I can run there (albeit through a minefield of hazards lol) if I need to go back to town or head to the wasteland, but hopefully far enough away so I'm not breaking any rules. Is there a way this can be determined? I'm more than happy to fill in my little hobbit hole and move if I have to :)
  7. I believe the live Map gives you coordinates or if you don't want to use that you can hit F3 (I think) to pull up coords and take down your x/z coords from both your base and the outpost/spawn/other player build and using a little math do it that way as well
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  8. Erk. Math. I'll try the live map thing and see where that puts me. Thanks :)
  9. *edit, ninja'd

    You can use the live map to see where you are in relation to other features. You can read the coordinates and add or subtract instead of counting. Pressing F3 while in game will give you debug info and you can also find your cords looking there.

    Both the Debug and Live Map are powerful tools to keep from getting lost and navigating in the wild. If you have questions on how to use either of these features, check out the wiki or ask here so others can learn also.

    As long as you are not destroying things that someone has clearly intended to be there or taking things from someones build, you will not have any trouble. Good Luck with your wilderness adventure!
  10. As it turns out, I'm a wee bit closer to the outpost than I probably should be. *straps on brave boots* I shall venture further out into the wilderness with head (and sword) held high! (as soon as the sun comes up)
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  11. I like your attitude! :)
  12. Awh, heh. Thanks. *blushes*
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  13. if i were you i'd keep live map open and watch it as your venture... go so far that you start spawning new chunks ^_^ that is what i do when i want to get a new out base going. i have only once been stolen from in my 950 some days of playing :D lol
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  14. I went so far out that it took 2 minecraft days for me to get to the spot I wanted lol I always check the map before venturing out, especially if I have a Frontier project in mind. I like to ensure that I'm not stumbling across an already established base. The place I picked is pretty remote, but close enough to one of those roads (btw thanks to whoever makes those, you're awesome) so I can get back to the outpost if I get sick of Frontier-ing or need to go back to town for something. People are free to come visit me, of course. If you can find me. :p As far as griefers/thieves go, enh. Griefers gonna grief. I don't spend a lot of time worrying about it, it's not like anything I make can't be replaced. And all my "important" stuff is in a locked chest.
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  15. Having a load of enderpearls makes for some fast travel :)
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  16. I'd have to kill Endermen for that. My brave boots aren't that brave :(
  17. Enderpearls are not very expensive from shops if you want some. It's also helpful to know that you can travel 8 times faster in the nether. If you plan to travel back and forth to town, a nether portal and a tunnel can make it a reasonably safe and easy trip. Many players also just play on more than one of the empire smp servers. This way you can be in town on one server and at the wild base on another, depending on your mood.
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  18. dont enderpearl in the nether tho, you will end up in lava
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  19. Heck at times I end up in lava in the overworld! (gosh darn random lava pools)
    Always keep a fire res potion handy and in the hot bar at all times!
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  20. Alright, let's not get ahead of ourselves lol You're talking to someone who's still afraid to go mining alone on creative mode :p I'll keep the enderpearls/portal/tunnel thing in mind for the future, though :) Man, you guys are helpful. Also my house is finished and I've lured chickens into my basement. Read into that what you will :D
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