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  1. Hey guys. Well I want to cut with the chase real quick. I've had some issues affording my own shop. I know it's real embarrassing, but I've tried everything. I just don't have the time to stock shops that exclusively have a buy sign, but I have reduced promo prices and rarity prices by around 50% on average, including their sell sign counterparts. It doesn't matter, I still get people selling things to me and not buying, even though it's likely they could go somewhere else and get a better deal on the items they want to sell. I have so much value in items that I can't put to use anywhere, that entrepreneurs have no intention in investing. I'm backed into a corner that I don't know how to get out of, seriously I usually get my rupees by signing in and voting (As well as Diamonds and Emeralds), that's it, and it's usually gone within 24 hours.

    I'm not mad at anyone that may have contributed to this, I just need help here. I haven't seen 50k since who knows when.
  2. If you're low on money why would you even buy items?

    Stock a bit more and lower your buying prices on everything by 75% or remove the buying signs.
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  3. It promotes that I even have a business in the first place. If I remove the sell signs I might as well not have a shop anymore, which guarantees that I make nothing. I can't stock anything on my own, I'm too busy.
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  4. fool around with the prices, make it where you are cheap to sell but at a loss to sell to and see how that works
  5. I'm confused. Your shop is always out of stock. If you have items, put them in the shop so I can buy them!
  6. Depends on what exactly you're looking for. Basic items are always out of stock. But rares and promos are where I have a lot of items, and it's also where I lose money because I get people selling items to me that are then harder to resell rather than items that are basic.
  7. so then buy them at considerably less then what most normal people would and sell them at average price?
  8. This confuses me. Because quite frankly; you run a shop to make some money, but if you always run out of money then your shop design is a little flawed in the first place (no offense). Have you tried targeting another market? So basically selling other products which you can (relatively) easily stock? Or which are more in demand to buy and less in demand to sell? I'd start there.

    Also make sure to look around in other shops; see how they did it. Esp. the bigger ones. Keep an eye out for their prices and move on from there.

    Quite frankly, but this could just be me, I don't see how running a shop without putting some effort into it would work out. I don't think you can fully manage not having to restock your stuff sometimes...
  9. My mall gets a lot of business everyday. I'm not sure how, because I rarely ever stock it. I don't advertise it at all, so it might as well just be popular. I checked my rupee balance one day, and I noticed that one player bought all the glowstone someone just sold to me less than one minute ago. :p Horse armor somehow gets stocked at my mall. Someone stocked a whole single chest of gold horse armor there before.

    Here's a tip: have a lot of rupees. You should have enough rupees to buy a lot of things from other players that sell things to your shop. Try setting up a sell shop so you can buy other people's things at a lower cost. If those methods don't work, try temporarily removing the sell signs. :D
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  10. So what you are telling me is; that you don't have time to farm items and stock, and you don't have rupees to buy other peoples items?

    Okay then... GL with the business haha :D
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  11. I never understood why people go nuts over the promos and rarities in the first place. You can't even repair them and that's simply why i always preferred using normal items which were enchanted. If you want to sell rares and promos your best bet is on the forums, everything else can be sold on either here or in game. I don't see many people who buy promos and such in game. In game you are limited as you are on the forums, but if you post on here its easy to see by people and i always see people buying promos and rares.

    I also used your shop quite a lot, its really good but it always seemed to lag a fair amount when i was there. Must be something you put up.
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  12. If you're having trouble stocking, try and establish a supplier relationship with someone trustworthy, and pay for them to give you item x however many times a week. If it's a little above your shop buy price it shouldn't matter, but don't overdo it.

    And if you must have sell signs limit the amount of items a person can sell to the amount you're willing to buy, with dirt. I'd say about a year ago before I started doing this someone sold me a single chest of cauldrons, and I still have only moved about 3 stacks of them :p
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  13. gimme teh cauldrons
  14. Sure, I'll bring some over later :)
  15. Well when you said you don't have time to stock it yourself and you can't afford things, to me that sounded like a car buyer that couldn't afford his car and didn't have the time/high enough credit score to get a loan. Bit silly, aha?

    But you could go through your inventory; for the items that you get sold a lot but don't sell, remove the sell portion of those items only. That way, you can only liquidate inventory and you won't get oversold on the items that aren't hot sellers. Really you shouldn't be putting money into inventory unless you're low on stock. The people that buy things all the time have a big ol' fat wallet - it's not a great business model for your average wallet size.

    But really, running a shop either takes a fat stack or it takes time & dedication. If you can't put forth one of the two, you may need to look into a different business model as a shop won't really work too well for you.
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  16. Congrats on getting people to sell stuff that you don't need everyday at your mall, I've never had that luxury.
    When I opened this mall I had 300k, I've never seen it come back
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  17. You don't have to be a customer and help if you don't want to.
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  18. I'm probs just gonna shut it down for a while and auction off everything I got, I'll probs get a screwy deal but I might get 400-500k.
    The lag is from all of the item frames and redstone stock indicators (something I do highly value). Once I have the rupees I'll redesign so I can fix prices and work on the lag.
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  19. I never thought of the dirt!!! Thx :)
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