Need Generators/Admins

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  1. Hi EMC! (I know, I got so many threads =P don't judge lol)

    My mall has a lot of activity, so I'm in need of a farm now :p
    Here's what I need:

    1. 4 person cobble generator. Please use just water and lava and blocks. No redstone ;)

    2. 2 person obsidian generator.

    Please build these on /smp4 /v 9386
    I might set the flag a bit later because I need to get the area where you are building it dug out.
    First person to respond with a valid answer will get to build it.

    I would very much like it if you PM me with a payment because I stink at prices. Also, PM me the amount of space you need. :)

    I am also in need of admins because some I have PMed won't respond :/ This suggestion is ONLY for people who don't own a shop/mall and would like to make rupees not from a shop/mall
    Current admins:
    JPGamer1001 (my alt)
    ww2fan168 (most likely)

    PM me for more information.
  2. Obsidian is now no longer obtainable by means of redstone or string :(
  3. no longer* xD but awwww! I'm really getting pissed off from going down into mines and mining that obsidian. Oh well :(
  4. i would like to be a admin when that is possible
  5. gotcha :)
  6. I own a small small promo mall on smp1 but i am thinking of closing it. I would not steal or grief at your mall
  7. mmk. I think I will add you if you take down your promo shop...but you can keep the promos if you like
  8. Bump! Still would like someone to build the generator :p I'm too lazy (jk)
  9. If you're just kidding saying you're too lazy, why do you not build one yourself? Here's an incredibly easy video on how to do it, costing less than a minute.
  10. By cobble generator, do you mean literally just water and lava flowing into each other? 'Cause i can make that lol.
    I'd also enjoy taking a shot at being admin in your mall, though i wouldnt know my responsibilities.
    I have a hotel but all rooms are one-time payment amd fairly permanent, so it's not for making money =P there's no competition between you and me.
    What would I have to do as admin, anyway?
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  11. I know how to build one, but
    1. I'm too busy supplying materials for customers
    2. I'm also busy trying to get admins and someone to finish the structure

    I just don't know how to build one for 4 people connected
  12. bump hehe. Don't need more admins btw
  13. My obsidian generator still works..
  14. Huh. Did Aikar leave that? I'm 99% sure 1.8 disallowed that type of generation :confused:
  15. :eek: I was told it wasn't able to be created...
  16. I'll do it! If you need anything, just ask!
  17. sure! doing cobble right? flag will be set up tomorrow :)
    (go to the second floor btw)
  18. I will do my best to remember! ;)