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  1. So I am about to build my own computer, and I wanted some second opinions on what I plan to get. Does any of this seem to be wrong or incompatible to anyone?

    (The Parts have now been edited thanks to squiggleyjeff!)
    Another thing, just to give a third party informed (they aren't very tech savvy, don't ask), give me any recent game I could run on high specs when you do if you so please.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Lol 4 of these threads have came up today xD But if I was you, go for an i5 and upgrade the GPU, see if you can overclock the CPU.
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  3. I might recommend you getting a 4th gen intel processor. I got one and its pretty good
  4. What are you going to do with the computer? Because I think you should get a better graphics card :p
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  5. If you are going for a gaming rig this should be more than enough

    But if you want to stick with the i7 this should be good as well

    Personally I don't like socket 2011 as it is way more expensive than socket 1150. And with the upcoming cpu's on socket 1150 I just see it as a more economical and future proof socket anyway.

    While the gtx 650 may still be a good card it won't be maxing out any new games, it can still play games with reduced settings but you won't be seeing any jaw dropping fps.
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  6. I wanted to try and stay lower budget, because regardless I will still be needing a bit from parental units. I'll take your advice more than likely. gaming is my primary, but I also want to be able to run CryEngine on max. Which should be easy with this.
  7. Get a better graphics card and DO NOT GET AN ASROCK MOTHERBOARD. My friend and sister have had trouble with ASRock motherboards!!
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  8. And I haven't had trouble.
    Get an ASRock, it's nice...

    EDIT: I think you should go back to socket 1150 or 1155, and get a cheaper CPU. With that extra money, buy a more expensive graphics card.
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  9. Alright, I completely redid yours just keeping the case and OS, and I was able to make these improvements:

    • Upgraded your GPU to a Radeon R9 280, which is immensely better than your current one
    • Gave you a water-cooling system, which is much better in terms of reliability and sound
    • Upgraded your i7 t0 an AMD CPU with 4.4ghz and 8 cores
    • Gave you a 120gb SSD and a 500gb HDD, while it doesn't store as much, installing the OS on the SSD will make boot and load times much faster
    • Upgraded your power supply from 500w to 750w, meaning you can always add another video card in the future
    • Changed your ASRock mobo to an Asus, which is just as good, but it is more stable and dependable
    Now I did change your 16gb of ram to 8gb, however it will most likely not be visible, as I play games on ultra-settings with 8gb. However, if you are planning on using memory intensive programs, such a movie editors, then it may be worth the upgrade. I would suggest seeing how it performs at first, and then you can always upgrade it in the future if you aren't happy with it.
    I did all of this for the addition of $1, which is a huge upgrade for the price
  10. This is a great build, my favorite of the ones in this thread. i5 and 8gb of RAM is more than enough, and the GTX 770 is a great card, wish I'd gotten one for my current build. I second sqiggley's recommendation. If you could manage it, a 120 GB SSD would be a great addition, make your boot-up and main programs run a bit faster if you install them on it.

    What would he need an 8-core CPU for? :confused:
  11. They help when doing more cpu intensive work that requires more than 4 cores, and games have begun to utilize more than 4 cores so in the long run they should provide a slight preformance increase than going with a cpu with only 4 cores. Though going with an i7 4790k even though it only has 4 cores it has 8 threads due to hyper threading which makes it like it was an 8 core processor but slightly slower than if it had 8 physical cores.
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  12. I understand what multiple cores do, it just seems like for gaming 8 is excessive. Most games don't even take advantage of quad-core currently.

    I looked up some tests on the AMD octo-core. The i5-4670K narrowly beats the AMD and the i7-4770K beats it handily. I can only imagine that the 4790K, which beats the 4770K, would be a far better processor than the AMD.
  13. It is true that amd's top tier cpu aren't anything to praise, but their lower - mid end cpu's and apu's are really excellent for the price you pay.

    Amd processors are better in some areas than intel which is why some people prefer going the amd route because of the cost/benifit vs the intel premium, in the end until amd stops working on apu's and really attempts to beat intel's top tier cpus intel is the way to go.

    I've read that some game makers are trying to utilize more cores so that they can pump up the eye candy but the number is far too low for it to really matter anyway, but when you run a system with 2 or 3 monitors you can be preforming so many different tasks between these monitors that you need every ounce of juice out of those cores which is why physical cores count vs the virtual cores from hyperthreading.