Need Adventure Map Team!

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  1. So I want to form a build team for an adventure map. The following positions will be needed, and more can be added at any time.

    Director (x1)
    - fluffinator09

    Build Team (x4)
    - jay2a
    - Scarmanzer
    - Hash98

    Redstone Team (x2)
    - Evesthery

    Story Team (x1)
    - AliceF3

    Please leave an application below in the following format.

    Why you should be accepted as this position:
    Examples of work (Upload pictures please!):
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  2. IGN: Evesthery
    Skype: Don't have it, can we use Mumble?
    Age: 11
    Position: I wanna do some redstone stuff.
    Why you should be accepted as this position: I know how to work with redstone very well. I've been working with redstone for 2 years, and I'm a dedicated worker.
    Examples of work: I'll PM you some world downloads, It'd take too many screenshots to show you all of it.
  3. Shouldn't you give some more information? What ideas do you have for an adventure map?
  4. I would if I had any. Right now I just want to assemble the team first, then I will reveal my completed idea to the world. :) Sorry for the lack of information, but right now I just want the team together.
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  5. Are you going to use any mods for extra stuff?

  6. I'd advice against that. There's a lot you're able to do in vanilla as well nowadays, and when people need to install mods in order to play a custom map, there will most likely be much, much less people willing to play.
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  7. Like 607 said, no I do not plan on it.
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  8. IGN: jay2a
    Skype: Jay2a (Jay_Likes_The_Color_7)
    Age: 16
    Position: Build team
    Why you should be accepted as this position: I'm a relatively good builder, have worked on other custom maps with other people.
    Examples of work (Upload pictures please!):
    An unfinished house that I'm using for an animation (The hole in the wall is supposed to be there)
    A frozen over oasis that was once a tnt crater.
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  9. IGN:Scarmanzer
    Skype: I don't have on, like Evesthry said 'Can I use mumble?'
    Position: Build Team
    Why you should be accepted at this position: I am a pretty good builder and I have made some other maps.
    My Tree Village 2015-06-13_14.48.21.png
    My modern house
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  10. IGN: AliceTheFox (still AliceF3 on EMC)
    Skype: alicef3roblox (May be making a new one soon)
    Age: 15
    Position: Story Team
    Why you should be accepted as this position: Writing, next to art, is one of my main hobbys ^^ I've always wanted my stories to be used in something, and this seems like the perfect opportunity!
    Examples of work (Upload pictures please!):
    I can write more if needed, but that's my most recent one I have right now. Everything else is on my other laptop
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  11. Thatd pretty much what I was going to say
  12. Accepted!
    Accepted, I would prefer Skype, and you can get one as it is free!
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  13. Yay!
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  14. Would we be using the video messaging part of it? My computer can only handle just the voices (even then it's a bit unclear) And thanks for accepting :3
  15. No, just voices for communications.
  16. My mic is pretty bad, but I'm sure we can manage!
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  17. When will this be starting? Will we get a PM about it?
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