Need a Forums signature :D Reward is 50k :3

Discussion in 'Artists' Gallery' started by bringmeacloud, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Well I've seen everyone has cool signature, but I'm one of the people that dosen't have one </3 Since I can't really make my own, I wanted to have someone else make one for me :D Of course there will be a reward for whoever can make a signature that I like. I will pay 50k rupees for whoever can make me a signature that I like and will use foreverrrrr, until I decide to change it.. If no one wants to make me one, then it's alright. I will be signature-less forever lol. But if people do actually make me one, then I'll pick one (or none if I don't really like any) and I'll pay that person 50k :3 The only thing I ask is that the signature should have my ign on it somewhere. Anyway, Thanksss. :)
  2. Would you like a signature similar to mine? (With your name and custom buttons)
  3. Nooo! Pay AlexChance up to 8k for whatever you want! Link in his signature.
  4. Maybe bringmeacloud wants a signature that's worth 50k. Not 2k or 8k
  5. AlexChance Made My Signiture And I'm Super Happy With It. Highly Recommend His Service.
  6. Hmm...
    I may be able to help PM me the specifications that you want in your signature. (Transparent or non-transparent background, font, words, etc.)
  7. I'll try to make one for you, if you give some specifications.
  8. Hey! Guess what! I know how to save that cash! Ask hashhog3000 for a free one!
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