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  1. We have a grinder service, a building service, an exclusive item trading service, and now we're launching the AC Inc. Signature Design Service! Noticed some of those new signatures around the forums? This is where they come from! Pick from an assortment of packages and have your perfect signature ready just for you.

    The service offers full control of your signature. Sketched, created with Photoshop, showed off through various stages of creation until it is complete: we will support it by making changes until it's a finished product and you're happy. Each is designed specifically with what you request in mind. Not after a signature? No problems, I will happily create banners, avatars and try and fulfil any other requests.

    Choose one of the set packages to create your base product, then simply specify what you'd like made from that.

    By Default:
    • Background image is your res
    • Signatures/avatars always contain your name
    Listed specifications are the package maximums.

    To order a product, simply private message me and send me the details using this this format:

    PM Title:
    [Your name] - [Package]
    PM Content:
    [Package/avatar - specific details on what to include from the package (Buttons, ads, custom size)]
    [Requests/How you would like it laid out/Additions (models, rendered)]
    [Background location - for background image (your res by default)]

    Visibility of signatures may be affected in smaller private message windows.
    This is a photoshop service, and very little graphic design is involved. :)
  2. Wow, I will be using this! Let me get a skin I like first.
  3. *tempted to request a sig just for fun to see what your creative process is like*
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  4. Forget to add this in until now:

    Want a custom model of your character around your signature, just like the one below? No problem! Free with the Professional, Advanced packages and 1000r for others.
  5. Going to use this is the future
  6. Bump :D Seen those signatures popping up? Get one yourself :D
  7. why type of sig is yours?
  8. It would be the professional package :)
  9. I will get one but have to wait until I can find a good picture for the back ground and have ideas for it.
  10. Question:
    Are the signatures able to be edited it needed to for free or does that cost?
  11. Within reason-ability I can make very small changes to signatures after the short time since they've been paid for, but anything else could cost a few 100r
  12. If you ordered a signature with multiple links, would you also get a full image, not split into parts? Not exactly sure on the purpose of this, but just wondering.
  13. Looking great!
  14. If you request it definitely :)
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  15. Service looks great Alex! I will be sure to keep checking back and may order sometime :)
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  16. Dat signature doe :D

    He did this relatively quick and this was a very easy process. You sir will get a good response on Yelp. ;)
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  17. Thank you :) It usually only takes 48 hours or less :)
  18. Here's what I've created so far!

  19. Awesome!

  20. Some more completed work!

    Look forward to some more packages coming soon :)
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