/near to see who is near you

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  1. Maybe useful for local chat conversation. But also to secretly check if someone is secretly nearby when you secretly crack the secret entrance to your secret base. Because really, who would use this for local chat?
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  2. /c l
    /c who
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  3. You can do that already. You can switch to whatever channel you want to check and type /chat who

    It will tell you who can hear you in any channel you are currently in.
  4. +1. Typing /chat local and then /chat who is too much work. :rolleyes:
  5. +1 I agree with Jp an _Ulti /c l an /c who is to much work.
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  6. /c l
    /c who
    [EDIT] Ninja'd. Darn it, Fufne. >_>
    [EDIT 2] Yes, fufne. Shush. >_>
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  7. +1, I agree with DrMadFate, Jp, and _Ulti. It is a small but could be useful command.
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  8. I always just do /c l /c who, but I'm lazy and don't like to type :p and also if for some reason they have you ignored that won't work.
  9. +1 I almost lead, someone to my base with out knowing this and it isn't the first time u can just do /chat off and poof no1 knows u are there
  10. I'm going to bump this. Doing /c l then /c who works, but it's not perfect. For example, a player could be ignoring you, have chat off, have hidden local chat, etc. A /near command would solve these problems.
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  11. I'm with nub.
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