NASCAR - Any fans out there?

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  1. Hey Everyone! Thought I'd create this thread, as I was curious to see how many people out there watch NASCAR? Who's your favourite driver? How long have you been a fan? :)

    I'm a fan & my favourite driver is "Jeff Gordon - 24." Have been a fan since 2007 & have only gone to 3 races so far..(Martinsville, Richmond & Bristol). Got this Jeff Gordon model for Christmas last year! :cool: Jeff Gordon.JPG
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  2. That's pretty cool!

    Personally, I do not watch many sports. Make half the cars drive in the opposite direction and I'll watch it
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  3. NASCAR...

    I don't even feel like replying to this thread...
  4. Like you, I don't watch many sports...I'll maybe watch a hockey game once in awhile, but that's about it. As far as half the cars racing in the opposite direction, I'd say that would make it a little more interesting indeed! lol
  5. What can I say, I really like car racing! :p
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  6. Well I liked toy cars when I was younger. I don't watch NASCAR that much though.
  7. lol... That's gotta count for something!
  8. When I was little I used to like to crash cars with my hot wheels cars....
  9. I watch it from time to time, mostly at shooting competitions when it's on tv.
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  10. lol
  11. I like car racing but NASCAR though...

  12. Awwee c'mon what's so bad about NASCAR?! lol
  13. Well, this is how it all started...
    One sec..