Naming your residence

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  1. How about naming your residence for in the server map. So instead of Tycho55123's Residence it would be like Mega Mall or something?

    Anyone supporting this idea?

    Let me know what you think.
  2. Become a supporter, you can change the entering and leaving messages of the res...
  3. Yes, but that is a welcome MESSAGE. I am talking about NAMING your residence...
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  4. Why would you want to name it?
  5. To let people that are looking on the server map know what kind of residence you have.
  6. - has been suggested before
    - has been asked about by me
    - will not happen unless good friends with the staff team ;3
  7. I think the main issue that arose when this was suggested in the past is that there might be fighting over trying to get the name. Like naming your res "Mega Mall" would be a problem because 40 other people would want to do the same.
  8. I think a cooler idea could be to have 'tags'.

    so /res tag +shop +parkour

    then /v +shop will teleport you to a random res that is tagged shop. Could be very useful to find for say wood if shops were tagged wood.

    I think this would be a small feature that provides awesome results... so its now on the queue to be done during the short work week after the current project is done :)

    Thanks Tycho, your suggestion lead to a pretty awesome new feature overall :)
  9. Why should that matter?
  10. I realy like that idea!
  11. Will /v +shop +parkour lead you to a more specific residence? And is there a max amount of tags?
  12. the character limit i think
  13. If you chose a unique tag it would work for a specific residence and you would still have the other benefit of being able to do a random search for a specific thing. Someone with a long name or numbers in their name like yours could use a tag like "sky", "dragon", or even "v8" and it would probably work for you.

    Seems like there would be a limit, otherwise people would be tagging their shops with every possible block or item someone could search for. I'm thinking Aikar would store Tags in a Collection and I'm pretty sure that the size property is an integer. Who knows - maybe it won't take much to store all that and he will let us do it anyway.
  14. As wrote in the ticket, going to tie this to supporter levels. 2 tags for free, up to 20 for Diamond.
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  15. Are the tags going to be standardized, or will they be open?
    That is, can you only use tags that are considered "normal" like shop, parkour, casino, hotel, mall, etc., or can you make up a tag "blahgrabikins" that would never actually be searched?
  16. That's what I get for not reading the ticket before I post.

    I saw you and Alex were discussing whether to use a set list of tags or not. I would prefer not to. My reasoning is that I might like to use "PabloS" as a tag. A lot of people have a problem differentiating the "10" in my name from "lo". By using a tag, people can get to my residence even with a spelling error like that.
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  17. But then what if somebody tries to make a tag like Parkour and misspell it like Parcour. A lot of people would not be able to go to your Parkour res because you accidentally mispelled it.
  18. So you delete the tag and re-do it correctly once you figure out that you have spelled it incorrectly. I would prefer to have the responsibility of spelling things correctly than be boxed into having to select from a limited list.

    Try this on for size: Aikar said a tag like "shop" would go to a random one if there were multiple residences tagged "shop". What if I wanted to spell my tag "Parcour" in order to make sure that someone could get to my Parkour and only mine by typing that name? You could also do something similar by using "shoppe" instead of "shop" and use that in chat instead of your residence. The whole random part goes away because there is only one choice.
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  19. Give the man a cookie, god damm
  20. Oh great,another cool feature that is rubbish for free members.2 tags isn't enough for some free members.
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