Name tag price going up?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by JonnyLong, May 29, 2015.

  1. So with the latest update we can now nametag up to 5 hostile mobs.

    Anybody else think name tag prices will go up now that they actually have a use?
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  2. Before they were very useful... for naming Iron Golems ;)
  3. Oh wow, didn't realize that! Good call :)
  4. Quite frankly I doubt it. Nametags were already somewhat pricey. And well, a majority of players sticks to town, and I don't really picture them running into the waste to name monsters ;)
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  5. It appears they do not work on mobs or at least some mobs, possibly because this have been nerfed or a bug or that they just don't work on all mobs :p
  6. Yep, i dont think i will go running into the wastes and naming zombies for the fun of it ;)
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  7. So it's just me?

    Oh dear, this is awkward...