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  1. According to the EMC Wiki, it allows for up to 5 named mobs per area. However, I went far into an ocean, well away from any other player bases. I spent quite some time trying to isolate a guardian (Not an elder guardian) and when I finally get one, the system won't let me name it! What is the issue? Did I do something wrong? Or is it just forbidden to name guardians on EMC & the wiki needs to be updated?
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  2. Anyone know anything about this?
  3. I'm not 100% certain but mobs doesn't necessarily mean hostile mobs. The thing is that if you rename a mob then it won't despawn, which is why nametags couldn't be used at all at first. I know things got changed, but right now I'm not 100% sure about the hostile vs. neutral mobs. Though I do recall a post from Aikar where it got stated that this also applied to hostiles.

    Anyway, I'll try to look into this for you.
  4. I'm aware it will no longer despawn, that's why I wanted to name it :D. The wiki, under changes to vanilla Minecraft, just states 5 "mobs". It doesn't say hostiles are excluded. If they are excluded, I'll request the contribution team update the wiki. Thanks for the assistance Shel.

    Edit: Passive mobs don't seem to despawn at all in the wild unless you hit the mob cap, so why would naming one of them be necessary?
  5. Anyone else know anything about this issue?
  6. Pretty sure nametags aren't allowed on hostile mobs at the moment, it's to prevent people dragging tons of renamed hostile mobs into peoples outposts and stuff (something like that). This is most likely the problem as Shel stated.
  7. I guess I can understand that, but I feel the wiki should reflect that. Who can I contact to actually confirm this? Who would I contact about editing the wiki info if this is actually the case?
  8. The contribs usually handle the wiki stuff, you could pester one of them :p
  9. Sorry for the late response... Last week has been pretty rough on me and I practically did nothing due to weather and being plain out exhausted after work. Meet my new friend:

    You can (maybe) still find him on /waste e @ smp2. Naming hostile mobs is definitely doable. As to the guardian... it could be a glitch. I mean, Aikar has restricted this to 5 mobs per player, so maybe something else is causing problems here.

    I happen to know a nice ocean monument, Aya told me earlier that she needed some more bricks for her residence, so the next time we go there (probably somewhere this weekend) I'll bring a nametag. So far a guardian has jumped into our boat nearly every time. If that happens again it'll be a sure way to test this.
  10. here

    I have a zombie named gimp
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