Name My Goat!

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  1. I bought a goat yesterday at an auction for my FFA (Future Farmers of America) SAS (Supervised Agricultural Experience) Project. I will raise him until April when I will show and auction him at the county fair. So that is the background of this thread explaining why I have it but now to the main point! I need a name! He is a wether (castrated male) Boer meat goat. Herr is a pic: 2014-09-14 09.02.52.jpg I will pick the best name after 2 days from now and whoevers name I pick wins 5k rupees!
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  2. Sorry for the double pic but it won't let me edit so if a staff member sees this please remove the second pic please, thank you!
  3. Satan's Sacrifice
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  4. I shall call him goat
  5. Nobody yet? Okay.

  6. Icecreamgoat?
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  7. Puddleglum. It's.. a name. I doubt you'll get that many good names out of the EMC community with its insanity :p
  8. I'm sureprised it took that long...

  9. Best Minecraft Servers
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  10. Hugh Morris.... Anyone remember those sheep?
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  11. How about Jerome. Seems fitting.
  12. You old Goat :p
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