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  1. Mystul Radio is back on the air - unofficially for the moment.

    Unoffical - because I still need to setup a good rotation and show schedule.

    I am asking YOU the EMC crowd for good suggestions. What do you wanna hear?

    I plan on having a set Weekly lineup - that can be changed to live (requests - interviews - etc) at will.

    So suggestions like - Two for Tuesday - Sunday Sonatas - 2 hours Grunge - these are the things I'm thinking - will be very fluid for a while - since all these tracks - I have over 100k (legal) - have to be 'sorted' and checked.

    I also wish to do some segments on, oh say, chess, computers, crap, etc...

  2. Yeah! Finally! I have been living without my classical music for ages!
  3. Well I cant play classical all the time - but will have a few hours a week set aside for sure - usually at night or super early to chill :) same with jazz etc
  4. It says the server is down...
  5. What kind of music will you be playing? :3
    And do you use Soundcloud at all?
  6. Do a power hour. The most hardcore metal music you can find, all at an ungodly hour of the night.
  7. Get some classic rock up in here man. Aerosmith, ACDC, The Beatles, etc.... YEAH!
  8. Or some WubWub/Classical remixes......You get some good classical going then a beat in the back....and then outta nowhere DUBSTEP wubwubwubwub.....:3
    Or maybe just both at different times....
    (And Aerosmith.......lots of Aerosmith)
  9. Currently up with Classical
  10. What is this i am hearing! This is classical, you are forgetting the word ROCK after classical!
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  11. Which should be right after JTC's Christian Rock time. (I kid, I kid.)
  12. HEHE... classical is all I have 'properly' setup.. that is it doesn't get intros outros etc... its a PitA.

    I need to sort out the opera - that's a special kinda of OMG :)
  13. I actually plan on doing an hour of Country and Rap - together.. Called The Hour of Crap....

    It's not all bad - but aaaah :)
  14. Great idea. Then play it in your neighbors house.
  15. Smooth jazz in the afternoon?
  16. Classical Rock 24/7? :D
  17. Classic Rock coming up
  18. AmusedStew now enters the station.
  19. Dis Wut I be talkin bout!
  20. OMG, you are playin one of my favorite songs!: same old song and dance.