Mystery In Wellington Release!

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  1. Why there's no note 5?
  2. The parkour is extremely hard! But the adventure was awesome and funny!:)
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  3. OMG I just played and loved it! I only wish the res could have been over more then one, it was so contained.
  4. Good job Hayley as well!
  5. So this is on all the servers??
  6. No, just 14808 on smp7.
  7. man i wish it was on all servers :(
  8. hey also if u want to c action and want ideas for part 2 check out Revenge of the Gods on utube u might get some good ideas
  9. With marka and nick :)
  10. With mark and nick srry for bad text
  11. I egged the village. Hope u like chickens.:)
  12. You can edit your messages
  13. HaHa Smooch :p Just went through it. I was laughing a lot ^^ Fun fact after I got this little sneak a little while ago and gave up on the jump puzzle after an hour it just took 2 tries this time XD It helped to have the notes on the jump puzzle to cool off and dont do sth stupid.

    Story - Very Funny, Interesting
    Design - Very Creativ -> special gz due to the limited space
    Trickyness - Jump puzzle can be tough (figured this the last time) but this is good. The riddles are easy though, but just enough to entertain for a little while so I put a like to this
    Idea - extra ordinary :)
    All over rating A+

    Some ideas:

    - It would probably interesting if you couldnt solve the puzzle in one chunk. So you kind of come back to the town and kind of get used to the town more.

    - Was to good dont have more ideas XD

    Good Job Hayley and Smooch! :)

    Greetz Hasorko
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  14. While this one had some depth.. we do plan on making the next one more ... complicated. More layers.. and maybe even.. multiple endings. This was just to gauge a little bit of how our audience would fair.. where there would be problems.. and things like that. Like now I know if I make a jumping puzzle again, to make it a little easier, while alot of people were able to complete it, there were quite a few that had difficulties for a long time. But the lock room is a prime example of something I believe I could have made harder somehow, like multiple levels you would have gone through.

    Even in just the little bit of feedback I have recieved I have picked up alot of thoughts on how to alter the next one.
  15. I'm guessing the mystery is that you learn that you can make a crazy1080 with Diamond blocks in a T and a pumkin? or is it that ISMOOSH is a hamster?

    because If it isn't its not worth my "Free" time so I will do it while at school :p
    I just know I will get likes for this post xD
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  16. OMG They didn't kill Kenny! You ba- oh right.
  17. I saw that >.> You bought all my eggs!

    Thanks Terr :) We have a few ideas for part two that could involve it being over more than one res :)
  18. Sorry bout that hayley, bet u got a nice rupee bonus. :p SparklesFTW said Aikar couldn't get me in trouble because i was following rule # 10. Look it up.
  19. *Doesn't get the lock door*