Mystery In Wellington Release!

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  1. I'm going to be disappointed if Kenny doesn't die then come back to life ;)
  2. Hypocrite ;)
  3. Not to be a jerk, but it should say "foreword", Not Forward
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  4. -_-...
  5. Spelling ninja strikes again!
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  6. you should release it for download as well as have it on a residence. then people could play it without internet access
  7. I will see about that.. The idea is to keep it an EMC thing.. And the biggest part is that it functions on EMC.. it would not on regular singleplayer.. the RTS systems makes this thing.
  8. ok
  9. Where did I get main from? XD
  10. I know who he is :) big fan of him actually.
  11. i used to love him.not much anymore
  12. WOW amazing loved it!!!
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  13. but that would make him a zombie, and then he would attack you ;)
  14. I couldn't decide whether the map, music, or minds who created them was better. Either way I give them a 9001% score for effort :D
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  15. You spelled "Foreword" wrong
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  16. I spelled it wrong twice actually. Since we are pointing out my mistakes again. XD I was hoping that no one would notice. But whatevs.... editing... again...
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  17. When this is completed there will be a single player map also? Not just the res?
  18. This project is designed exclusively for an EMC residence. It would be almost impossible to release as a single player map as we have implemented Justin's awesome RTS into a lot of it. You'll just have to keep playing It on here :p
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  19. Ugh I was hoping tob able to play without the interwebs